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We find ourselves once again at a loss today–and no this is not another celebrity death, or some foreign event on the other side of the world. This latest tragedy has occurred right here, overnight, on American soil! Yet another massacre has taken place, and this time the targets were the patrons of Pulse Nightclub, a popular gay club and hangout in Orlando, Florida.

Omar Matten, gunman
Omar Matten, gunman

Last night a gunman, Omar Mateen (29), armed with an assault rifle and handgun,  invaded Pulse shooting scores of people, killing 50, and injuring 53 more! Sadly, the number of deaths may rise. The State of Florida has declared a state of emergency and declaring this an act of terror. Meanwhile, the families of the victims are either mourning the loss of their loved ones or are painstakingly waiting to learn the fates of those who have not been located. This tragedy is now the worst mass shooting in modern history.


No one is sure why this particular club was chosen. However, the reason does not matter. Be it homophobia or terrorism, the mastermind of this insidious act is pure hate! The nation and world are reacting with prayers for the victims with the people of Orlando uniting by giving blood, and donating water and chairs to blood donors. As you can see the number of people donating blood numbers in the hundreds.


It is time to face the reality that no one is safe anywhere. Whether radical Islamic beliefs or homophobia are at fault for this, something must be done. This not an issue of lifestyle or sexuality, but of murder; and something must be done! We would like to offer our condolences to the families of the victims and stand in solidarity with the people of Orlando and the rest of the world. We know there is a better way, and now it is time to fight for it! #PrayersForOrlando!

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