There’s No Place Like Home! Pixar’s “Finding Dory” Is Heartwarming & Amazing!

When it comes to sequels Disney & Pixar are currently batting a thousand! When we think of the the Toy Story and Cars sequels, and the upcoming sequels to The Incredibles and Frozen, we cannot help but be totally in love with these animation giants. Now we get the chance to relive our childhood. After thirteen years, Finding Dory, the amazing and heartwarming sequel to Finding Nemo is finally here! Yep, all of your favorites like Marlin (Albert Brooks), Nemo, and of course Dory (Ellen DeGeneres) are back for fun and adventure.

This time around it is Dory’s turn to be lost and found as she suddenly regains memories of her parents. We learn (and are not really surprised) she suffers from short term memory loss which at times infuriates others, but forces her to learn ways to cope. with Marlon and Nemo in tow she heads back across the ocean in search of her parents (voiced by Diane Keaton & Eugene Levy) who are being held in captivity. Get ready for a non-stop roller coaster of fun, action, and new friends that will remind you that a family can consists of far more than just the people you are related to.

While Finding Dory,  you will also find a really sweet story to share for generations. Be sure to check out Finding Dory in theaters nationwide today!

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