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A Must Read! REASN Is Becoming The Artist To Watch & On His Own Terms!

A Must Read! REASN Is Becoming The Artist To Watch & On His Own Terms!

It may sound cliché, but rising singer, REASN, plans to be the voice of reason through music for a new generation.

“It just came (name) to me. I have been through a lot and I realize everything happens for a reason,” said the singer.

REASN experiences not only influenced his stage name, but also the message and direction of his music. He is fusing Hip Hop, R&B, and Rock together to create his own infectious sound, which is gaining a lot of buzz because of its uniqueness. He affectionately calls it Urban Rock and he doesn’t consider himself a singer but a truth teller.

“People will box you in before even hearing your music. I started my own lane influenced by all forms of music,” he said.


Creating his own musical path is paying off. The musician is currently opening up for B.O.B. on the stfu. tour. REASN describes his time on the tour as a blessing and a perfect opportunity.

“I bring a mix of old and new. I have something for everybody,” said REASN.

According to the singer-songwriter, a new wave of people; especially overseas is bringing a new sound that he is happy be a part of. Artists are taking the art of mixing genres to a new level creating music that will bring diverse groups together and provide something that will be appealing to everyone.

“The feedback I am receiving (on the tour) lets me know people are ready for something different.

The buzzworthy artist contributes his recent success and attention getting musical journey to his faith and his free spirit. REASN’s style of music has grown tremendously since his time spot dating for Maroon 5. That time, was an exploratory phase for the singer as he discovered the type of artist he wanted to become.

“It was a really good experience and introduction. I was finding myself. People liked my voice; now people are saying they like my sound.


One of the standout qualities about him as a recording artist is his storytelling ability. With ease, on his singles Blue Flame and Killer, he vividly illustrates stories of passion and love that will resonate with many from all walks of life. Those singles are garnering strong feedback. REASN contributes his growing success to the rawness he allows to infiltrate into his music. A quality he acquired from childhood. Growing up, he was diagnosed with a learning disability. Instead of allowing his diagnosis to consume him, he overcame it through music.

“I had to learn to balance and overcome things….now I am called a genius. I’m here,” REASN said.

He has colorful layers to his voice that a lot of new artist don’t have. The genre, Trap Soul, is the “it” sound right now. Most new and established artists are making records that showcase the style of music, which doesn’t necessarily show off the range of a singer’s voice. REASN is not following trends. He is creating records that effortlessly highlight the beauty of his falsetto and the pureness of his tone and texture.

As his following grows, fans will be pleased to know he plans to release an EP (Runaway Slave) soon. The EP will feature his band, the Runaways who contribute to his energetic and funky sound. REASN working to create a new musical movement that will not only put people in a melodic trance, but to inspire and connect with people letting them know it is okay to be being different and to create your own lane.

Bonus material:

You can become familiar with REASN’s style of music on the stfu. tour. There are several more stops left. http://www.bobatl.com/tour


Following him @thereasn

Written By: Chalise Macklin


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