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Upgrade your summer shoe with loafers

Contrary to popular belief, the shoes a man wears are just as important, if not more, than that of a woman. Seriously! There is so much talk about Louboutins and Giuseppe’s when it comes to women in fashion, but men need shoes that are just as defining in order to complete the perfect look, and loafers are doing just that.

When it comes to putting summer looks together its definitely important to take a few things into consideration when pairing shoes. For starters, its hot outside! We get the need to be comfortable, to wear shoes that don’t leave your feet aching or in discomfort after days filled with brunches, day parties, and lit filled nights. Yet, part of being #kontrolhomme is expanding from sneakers and canvas mocassions. It is grooming your fashion to a standard that expresses who you are at the highest level.

Fashion and style are ageless, thats a fact. But, if you’re ready to take your style to the next level, start with your shoes, and invest in a pair of really good loafers.


You can wear loafers with literally anything. The best part about wearing them in the summer is how good it feels to go without socks. From skinny’s to button downs, t-shirts and blazers, if you get a good pair of loafers you’ve got the potential to make every outfit this summer go from day to night without ever missing a beat. Looking for a selection of statement loafers look no further than MyLoafers .

You will absolutely want to put a pair of loafers in the budget. Such an easy way to always to give a well groomed look that does not sacrifice any aspect of your individuality.

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