Monday Sets the Tone: What to Wear

It can be hard enough finding the courage to muster up enough energy to be super excited about the beginning of another work week. The last thing anyone needs to be worried about on a Monday morning is finding what to wear. Especially because those moments of you struggling, throwing everything out of your closet, just to put on some outfit you’ve already constructed and worn a few weeks ago, could just as easily be used to hit snooze and get those additional five minutes your body is so desperately craving.

Thus, the struggle is real. And not just for you, but for me too! That being said, each Monday I’ll be bringing you a complete look from head to toe. It will come with suggestions that make it easily customizable into what you’re already wearing.


This outfit is quick and easy. It does not require too much thinking at all. Plus it will still keep you cool in the heat of summer. All you have to do is grab a pair of your favorite chinos, feel free to roll up the pant leg and pick a shirt. You can wear chinos with just about anything, so whether you pick a t-shirt or button down you’re good. This outfit is clean and it can be just as casual or as professional as you would like (add the blazer when necessary). I think the shoe really determines if the look is dressed up or dressed down. Put on a pair of loafers if you are headed to work or keep it cool with sneakers. The choice is all yours.


Keith Andre Collins

Fashion Writer

a writer/actor who believes that everyday is a little bit like Sunday Afternoon. We've all got the ability to be greater and I podcast all about the journey of a transparent dreamer every Sunday on iTunes. You can follow me everywhere @KEiTH_ANDRE

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