Frank Ocean to Model Alongside Young Thug & Kate Moss In Calvin Klein’s Next Campaign

Got some dope and exciting news guys, Guess what artist is FINALLY coming out from being incognito from the industry for so many years. Well CmopFguVIAAaF3Mnone other than highly anticipated musician Frank Ocean hitting fans in a major way for 2016. After several years out of the spotlight, Frank Ocean has been making a strong comeback. Just last week, the artist announced he would be releasing his new album this month (finally), and now news has surfaced that Ocean will be featured in Calvin Klein’s next #MyCalvins campaign. If your not familiar with the #MyCalvins campaign here a quick rundown of the dope movement. Launched recently via Instagram, enacting their #mycalvins hashtag once again, the photo and video series poses the question: “What do you do in yours?” The campaign consists of individual photos of the various celebs with the words “I _____ in #mycalvins” covered onto each image in CK’s iconic font. The campaign has artists filling in the blank of what they do in their Calvin Klein underwear. Via Snapchat earlier this week the brand made their announcement of celebs participating in the campaign this go around, revealing that the likes of Young Thug, Kate Moss, and Grace Coddington will also be part of the upcoming lineup. Check out the snaps below. Also don’t forget to stay up to date with the latest in trends and men’s fashion. Got to blast! – EffYeahMark


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