Digby Jackson London has all the MILF $

Fergie is back! MILF $, her latest offering, is on its way to become this summers anthem. The duchess has her sound intact, the same sound that made us fall in love with her so many years ago. Yet, just as big as her sound is her influence in fashion.

You can honestly go back to the early days of the Black Eyed Peas and see that Fergie Ferg has always been serving looks. Her latest production, aside from featuring the hottest moms in entertainment and pop culture, from Ciara to Chrissy Teigen, offers the perfect display of just that.


The brand is Digby Jackson London. This UK based streetwear style is highly influenced by spaceships, monsters, and even ice-cream. All about a print, you’ll see that easily with the signature piece Fergie slays in the video. The custom made black high cut bodysuit is detailed with extra long cords, Digby Jackson’s signature logo, and a graphic that drips down the back.

If this sound and these looks are any indication of whats to come this summer, we are all the way here for everything Fergie has to offer. Truth be told, she’s never really steered us in the wrong direction. Hopefully we’ll see more of Digby Jackson’s signature pieces as well.


Keith Andre Collins

Fashion Writer

a writer/actor who believes that everyday is a little bit like Sunday Afternoon. We've all got the ability to be greater and I podcast all about the journey of a transparent dreamer every Sunday on iTunes. You can follow me everywhere @KEiTH_ANDRE

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