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The Haves & The Have Nots- “The Apple Tree”

The Haves & The Have Nots- “The Apple Tree”

The Haves & The Have Nots begins on a truly sad note, as Katheryn is in shock over Wyatt’s death. Hanna brings her some medicine to calm her down, but she refuses them and reminds her of her promise to help her through Wyatt’s death when the time came. Hanna sits with her longer, even when Katheryn asks her did she know something like this would happen to Wyatt. Hanna tells her she only meant that you reap what you sow, and that something bad would happen due to their part in covering up her son’s actions. Hanna reminds her she has to tell Jim about Wyatt, but Katheryn refuses, telling her she cannot bear to see him. She begs Hanna to tell him for her, again reminding her of her promise to be there for her in her time of mourning. Hanna reluctantly agrees.

Jon Chaffin as "War"
Jon Chaffin as “War”

Elsewhere, War wakes Candice up in bed and tells her that today is the day she must pay him his money in cash. She tells him she is not sure if she can get it in cash and that he told her she had til the end of the day. He agrees to the day’s end, but tells her he is going to work with Benny, and if she tried anything or did not deliver his money by 5 PM, he would shoot him! Candice promises to come through. Later, Jeffrey stops by to get the rest of his clothes from her house. She seems shaken, but refuses to tell him what is up. He tells her he has to go to his mother’s house. Candice reminds him that she is holding Quincy’s murder over them and to do what she says. When Jeffrey arrives at Veronica’s home he finds a man in a hazmat suit cleaning Maggie’s blood off the walkway. Veronica greets him at the door and demands he hug her. She talks badly about his clothing, and tells him to leave and return wearing a simple, black suit.


At the tow yard, Benny continues to try and reach David, demanding he turn his phones back on. Mitch tries to warn him against going after David, and yet again about doing business with War. Benny refuses to hear him, telling him War is family. Mitch decides not to tell him about seeing War and Candice together. When War arrives he leaves angrily. It is revealed he has gun on him ready to kill Benny if Candice does not come through. Jeffrey returns to the Sarandon where Justin is still handcuffed and has sex with him again. Justin can tell something is bothering him, but Jeffrey refuses to open up to him. He tells Jeffrey that whatever they do must stay between  them and that their sexual relationship does not make him gay. Jeffrey tells him he is sick and demands he leaves. Mitch comes to Candice’s house and questions her about her relationship with War. She reveals she owes him some money, but refuses to say anything more. She kisses him, thanking him for his concern and leaves.

Candice Young & Jim Cryer
Candice Young & Jim Cryer

Later, at the bank, Candice has the banker call War and ensure him his money will be delivered to him. War admonishes her for being so risky, but the act buys Benny some time. Jeffrey returns to his mother’s home in a floral jacket and brown pants, much to Veronica’s dismay. When she tries to hug him he is hesitant. She admonishes him for his suit and then slaps him a few times. When Melissa arrives she demands he stand when she enters the room, and that Jeffrey give her a real kiss. Jeffrey complies and then is forced to carry her bags upstairs to where they will be living. Veronica shows them the nursery where there child will be sleeping and comments on how happy they all will be. At the jail, Hanna finally arrives to talk with Jim. He refuses to hear her out, however, believing she is there to pontify him or tell him she is suing him for everything he has. When she finally tells him about Wyatt’s death he is broken!


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