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The Haves & The Have Nots- “The Heart of A Man” & “An Accident”

The Haves & The Have Nots- “The Heart of A Man” & “An Accident”

The Haves & The Have Nots begins with Jim in disbelief over Wyatt’s death. He questions Hanna about his son’s whereabouts and did he die alone. She tells him she does not know and only came to tell him because Katheryn did not have the heart. Jim demands to speak with Jennifer, but when the guards refuse to allow him to go he begs Hanna for her help. She leaves saddened, but refusing to help him any further.

veronica harrington hey mikey atl

Veronica shows Melissa and Jeffery their room and the things she has bought for the baby. She leaves them to get comfortable. Melissa is amazed at everything Veronica has done, while Jeffery feels she has been nothing more than a gold digger this entire time. She tells him she has no choice and has to take care of her parents. She laments about how she hates how he looks at her with disgust and that if he could come up with a way to take his mother down and still allow her to achieve the same outcome then she would help him. He tells her he does not have a plan. David arrives and demands Veronica tell him where Jeffrey is.  She tells him he is upstairs in his room with Melissa having a “private moment.” David demands he come down and speak to him, there he tells Jeffery they are leaving. Jeffrey tells him he cannot and implies Veronica is once again blackmailing him. He refuses to tell his father what he has done. David leaves defeated.

Jon Chaffin as "War"
Jon Chaffin as “War”

At the tow shop Benny get antsy about confronting David for shutting down his phones. He tells War he is going to go after him. War advises him against it and tell him to be cool, all the while holding a gun on him under the table. Outside, Mitch pulls in front of the office and blocks Benny and War’s view of the yard. He takes a tire out of his truck and puts it in War’s trunk. He then goes inside and encourages Benny to confront David, much to War’s chagrin. Just as War prepares to shoot Benny, Candice sends him a text with a picture of a bag of money for him. War gets happy and tells Benny to do what he needs to do and demands Mitch move his car. Mitch happily agrees. Meanwhile, Veronica continues to berate Jeffery. She then receives a phone call from Katheryn telling her about Wyatt’s death. She then coldly informs Jeffery. He begins to cry and sob, she however, pours herself a drink and continues to berate him for weeping over the man he once loved.

"Jeffrey Harrington," portrayed by Gavin Houston
“Jeffrey Harrington,” portrayed by Gavin Houston

Veronica continues to drink and makes them wait to go to The Cryers. She tells him when they do decide to go he is not to break down or cry, but has to be a man and still insults him for his sexuality. War meets with Candice to get his money. He tells her she narrowly avoided him killing her brother and tells her that now everything is good between them. He then asks when can they have sex again, commenting she is the best he ever had. She lies and tells him soon, but asks that he call first instead of just stopping by. He agrees to do so and leaves with the money. Candice gets in her car and begins to cry. David goes to see to Jim, and there he learns Wyatt is dead. Jim begs him to speak with Jennifer for him and to identify his son for him. David agrees. Jeffery and Veronica finally arrive at The Cryers. There, Jeffery immediately breaks down when Katheryn confirms Wyatt’s death. Katheryn and Hanna try to console him as he weeps, but his mother demands he stop acting like a “sissy at a church funeral,” and pull it together. She apologizes to Katheryn and tells her they are leaving. Jeffery refuses to go, saying he wants to stay. Katheryn tells him it is fine and that she will have her driver take his mother home. Veronica refuses and demands her son man up. She continues to berate him as he stares at a bottle of champagne on the table. She demands to know why he is looking at the bottle and he tells her because he wants to hit her over the head with it. She laughs at him and calls his bluff and continues to berate him. He grabs a knife off the tray and stabs her in the chest!

“An Accident”

Katheryn, Hanna, and Veronica are taken aback at Jeffrey’s actions! Veronica falls back into the chair and begins to hyperventilate, and Jeffery leaves. Veronica is in shock and Katheryn warns her not to touch the knife in her chest. She asks Hanna to call the police, but she hesitates, slightly enjoying Veronica’s pain. When she finally does call 911 she does not tell them it was Jeffery who stabbed her, but tells them to get there as soon as possible. Veronica tries to yell and tell the dispatcher it was her son but Hanna hangs up. Veronica does not believe she called anyone and makes Katheryn check. She confirms the paramedics are on their way. David goes to Jennifer’s office and demands she drop her case against The Cryers, feeling they had suffered enough. Jennifer refuses, recounting Lizzie’s life and Benny’s injuries. She then goes on to tell him they are investigating Wyatt’s death to ensure there was no foul play, and reveals she now believes Amanda’s death was a homicide based on her blood splatter! David asks to see Wyatt’s body and identify him. Jennifer refuses at first, but then relents.

Katheryn Cryer hey mikey atl

The police pull over War and find his money and the tire filled with cocaine. They promptly take him in. He beleives Candice has set him up. Jeffery goes to his room at the Sarandon and calls Candice. He tells her he stabbed his mother and thinks she may be dead and that Wyatt is dead. Candice tries to calm him down and gets him another room under an alias, but he demands she come over so they can come up with a plan. She tells him she has to make a stop first, but really she calls Benny. She tells him what has transpired and demands he call their mother to find out if Veronica is dead. Benny is hesitant, knowing how mad his mother is with him, but agrees. At The Cryers, Katheryn keeps Veronica still and calm until the paramedics arrive. There, Veronica reveals her son stabbed her and claimed she was dying. Once they confirmed Jeffery was gone they check out her wound and realize it is only a superficial one, and that her breast implant might have saved her life. They escort her from the house. Hanna cannot help but laugh, but Katheryn still mourning her son, demands she leave.

Aaron O'Connell Wyatt Cryer hey mikey atl

Jeffery calls Justin for help, who happened to be in bed with his wife. He tells him what he has done and that he needs him. Justin gets dressed and heads to the Sarandon. There, Jeffery recounts everything that happened between him and his mother. Justin comforts him and tells him that everything will be okay. He contacts dispatch to see if any warrants were out for him and finds none. He tells Jeffrey he will check back about his mother’s condition in a little while to not seem conspicuous. Jeffrey then tells him there is more about what has happened. Meanwhile, David goes to identify Wyatt and confirms it is him.  He then feels his chest and realizes he is warm and breathing! They immediately seek medical attention for him! Benny calls his mother to find out about Veronica’s condition but she refuses to tell him anything. When Jennifer arrives to speak with Katheryn she lets  her in.


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