2.ZEROGRAND: The Feeling of the future

By: Eric Kelley II



Flexibility. Breathable. Cushioning. Lightweight. They all describe the new and innovative family member of the Cole Haan Grand O.S. collection: 2.ZEROGRAND! The new shoe takes shoe technology to different heights as only Cole Haan can. The brand is known for pushing the envelope with its insole comforting technical Grand O.S. making sure that everyone feels like they’re walking on air. Cole Haan has developed the Lunargrands, Originalgrands, and the Zerogrands. All styles of shoes whose sole purpose is to improve all everyday activities. The New 2.ZEROGRAND is a grand revolution because it bends more, formats to your foot faster and its millennial chic. These elements spread to all generations and mindsets giving Cole Haan the upper hand in the shoemaking industry.

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Scott Patt, head of Innovation at Cole Haan, stated that “We all come with a purpose: how do we change lives?”. Patt’s thoughts are definitely coming true. The 2.ZEROGRAND is made to make the future of your shoe remarkable in genuine craftsmanship and deeply rooted in its heritage. Cole Haan is all about tradition while adding some rule breakers along the way. The 2.ZEROGRAND for women starts off from $270-$290 and for the men, it’s $300-$320.You can shop in-line or online stores right now! Visit Colehaan.com for even more facts and details on this amazing new style of shoe. Kick your shoe game into high gear with Cole Haan! As always stay dapper gentlemen.



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