Perry Ellis #Gentschat

By: Eric Kelley II

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Every Monday there are a few uber stylish gentlemen in the world that get together on Twitter and use the same hashtag to chat about fashion, style, and new & upcoming trends. This is all thanks to Perry Ellis and their ingenious way to reach out to influencers and potential customers. They call the chat #Gentschat.






It’s quite simple to use. Get on Twitter on Monday, 5 p.m., and then use the hashtag #Gentschat to join. The chat moves fast tho. Perry Ellis throws out a topic for everyone to speak on. You can either talk directly to Perry Ellis and or their guest speaker and or the other guys that have joined the chat as well. It’s a great way to network on social media and keep up with what’s going on with stylish trends. Even if you’re not into Twitter that much anymore, #Gentschat can be very useful. Perry Ellis sometimes gives away prizes for a short contest that hold. Certain brands that join the chat also give away prizes and gifts for any reason. I once got a very nice tie from because it was my birthday. This blogger was totally stoked about it!


The benefits of joining the chat are great and we encourage any guy that thinks they are uberly stylish to join! As always, stay dapper gentlemen.  


Eric Kelley

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