Could Beyonce be the Next Oprah?


For the average person, an unstoppable music career, your own leisure apparel line and music streaming service would be enough to sustain your crown in the entertainment industry.


But Queen Bey isn’t average, and according to reports, the music mogul is preparing her seat alongside Oprah as the Queen of her own television network.


Along with her management firm Parkwood, Beyonce is currently concocting a strategy to launch her own channel, which she plans to get off the ground in the next decade. However, will it be the usual run of classic sitcoms, talk shows and Beyhive public service announcements? Apparently the channel will have educational programming, which will include documentaries focused on African and American history.


beyonce-college-course-school-teacherAn insider tells UK’s The Sun: “Her [Beyonce} entertainment company, Parkwood is doing very well and her desire is to create a network so she can have the freedom to bring the ideas of her closes creative friends to life,” The Sun reports.


This could be something to look forward to in the near future. Beyonce is probably one of the only mainstream entertainers whose able to reach every demographic across the world. With her influence, Beyonce would be able to educate viewers of different cultural backgrounds about the African and African American experience. This type of programming could be a relief from the negative depiction of African Americans on Love & Hip Hop. But what if some of her programming bridged the gap between ratchet tv and educational. Like a Tina Knowles narrated  documentary on Big Freedia? That would be so educational.



Nehemiah Taylor

Nehemiah "NizzyKnows" Taylor is a writer, specializing in music, fashion and entertainment news. Raised and currently residing in Oklahoma, Nehemiah anticipates moving to a melanated metropolitan paradise where he can flourish as a writer. He enjoys watching countless hours of classic UPN shows such as "One on One," "Moesha" and "The Parkers."After obtaining his Bachelors of Arts in Broadcast Journalism, he tried his penmanship as an editorial assistant at Oklahoma Magazine, writing and copy editing the entertainment section.

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