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The 8 Most Common Reasons Women Cheat


7. He’s not successful (7%)

I understand that there are some women out there who don’t see the beauty in a hard working man. They feel like if you’re not working a real  job then you’re not successful. I wouldn’t necessarily agree. If you work hard, diligently and are making the most of your current situation with plans to move forward then by all mean, please continue to do your thing. Success does not happen overnight. If you’re with a woman who doesn’t quite understand that.. well, you know what I’m getting at. However, if you’re just a lazy bum… she may want to spend her time with someone who can buy her an after-work drink.


8. He doesn’t pay enough attention to details and social obligations (5%)

Yes, I know it’s hard and can seem impossible, but we want you to remember our birthday, our anniversary, or that ‘we have to go to Aunt Linda’s for dinner next Sunday.’ It lets us know that you care enough to remember, meaning that it is just as significant to you as it is to us. I know–I know it’s hard… but yes, it really does make a huge difference to us.

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