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Morgan Higgins Has A Song To Sing

Morgan Higgins Has A Song To Sing


Imagine being in like with a guy that you’re sure the world revolves around. He’s handsome, he’s built, he’s smart, he’s funny, and he may even be your best friend. However, there’s only one thing standing in the way of your happily ever after together, he notices you about as much as he hears dog whistles. Many of us have been there time and time again, day dreaming and drooling over that special someone and either kindly, or not so kindly being escorted back to the friend zone, or they simply don’t pick up on the mild flirting, silent signs, and extra arm touches you toss their way. Morgan Higgins knows all about this kind of frustrating romance, and she sings about it on her new single “Hey Boy”. Morgan Higgins has been taking charge of more than just her love life; she’s starred on the ABC original Rising Star and used her electric charm and sweet personality to form a fan base that is growing each day. The singing sensation also gave a fantastic performance in the Nickelodeon western “Lost in the West”.

Higgins described her character Texas Jane as a mysterious loner that’s guarded and has trouble opening up to others, due to her tough exterior. However, when she does open up the love flows and the lassos fly. Higgins actually compared herself to her kick-ass character claiming that she too is a mysterious and guarded loner that possesses a vast spirit on the other side of the heavy artillery that makes up the wall posed to outsiders. However, after talking with her she’s  just as funny and bright as her stage presence.

Morgan Higgins is no one trick pony, she sings, she acts, and she can even do a number on the ivories when she’s in the mood. She began her journey of success at a very young age, as she always had family playing instruments and singing around her, and since she can remember, she’s been singing the song in her heart ever since. She described her time on Rising Star to be one of challenge and competition, but she also told us that “doing rising helped her challenge herself and really step-up her game when it came to singing and performing.” Her fans surely enjoyed every minute of her powered up performances. Higgins has been working on some new music alongside producer and songwriter Jeff Pardeaux in Nashville, and even though an album may not be coming as soon as most would like, she will probably be coming out with an EP in the near future. However, don’t expect any of her songs to sound the same, Higgins says “As I grow up my music and my sound and my style is gonna change. So, I’m totally fine with one song sounding one way and another song sounding completely different.” Growing up and coming into her very unique, authentic, and charming self Higgins isn’t afraid to keep it real and be honest with herself while navigating her way through the entertainment industry and her personal growth saying “I’m a realist when it comes to this, like yeah I’m doing great now but there’s still a chance that I won’t make it and then what? So I need to get an education and then I’ll definitely get back into it. I still want that time to grow and find my way and everything.”  During the upcoming fall she’ll be heading to college and starting a new and exciting chapter in her life. Morgan Higgins is a role-model and positive image many young women need in 2016, she smart, she’s quirky, and shes surely not afraid to be her unique self. This young woman is in full Kontrol of her destiny!


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