Under Armour readies new collection for NYC

UAS, also know as Under Armour Sportswear,  is doing things a bit different this year. This brand has become pretty synonymous with any, and everything that relates to sports. Sweat pants, compression shorts, and tanks, are just a few things that come to mind immediately. However, with the help of Tim Coppens the collection is widening its reach.  It is still sports wear, that will never change, the focus will always be to take care of the needs of athletes everywhere, but here is a preview at how you’ll be able to look to UAS for more than just your basic athletic wear.

01-tim-coppens I love these looks. I think that they are so dope because they are all completely unlike anything I’d ever expect to see from this brand. Coppens’s mission for Under Armour was to find a balance between sport, casual, and cool, all while staying true and appealing to its major demographic.

Copper says, “There are athletic references and functional elements in the clothes, like magnetic closures and bonded seams, but this isn’t athleisure.” Instead he is enhancing some key elements that hold true and consistent throughout the brand.

In case you missed it, Tim Coppens is the newly appointed executive creative director, alongside Ben Pruess, Under Armour’s senior VP of Sportswear. These guys have found ways to take the brand to new heights with new buzzwords. Everything seems to come from a place of ambition. As you can see, sweating just isn’t enough.

All of this still just a detailed sneak peek for the world. UAS is actually presenting this collection in just a few weeks. Mark your calendars because September 15 the collection is showing in New York City and at the same time you’ll have the chance to purchase from the collection online at the same time. Be sure to stay on the lookout for spotting celebrities wearing the brand. Stephen Curry and Michael Phelps will be rocking Under Armour Sportswear for sure.


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