Who Knew? American Eagle Goes Edgy on Streets of Soho for Its Denim Revolution

American Eagle Outfitters channels an edgy New York street style in its new look book for Fall 2016. Photographed on the streets of Soho, the brand’s latest range of denim, sweatshirts and tees are showcased in layered styles with a clean and minimal aesthetic that feels right at home on the mean streets of downtown NYC.

At the centerpiece of the AEO fall range is the brand’s signature denim collection, which builds on the popular washed and damaged trend. Offering 360-degree flexibility for a fit that moves with you for increased comfort and durability, the line has everything from classic, dark-washed denim to bleached and ripped styles with raw hems. Because cleanness often makes the best looking outfits, the slim- and skinny-cut jeans serve as the focal point of the looks and are paired with low-key tops like solid-colored sweatshirts, hoodies with geometric graphics and monochromatic sneakers. Who would’ve known that AEO, I mean American Eagle as in beach boy brand, as in the same category as Hollister, Aeropostale and Abercrombie would become so edgy all of the sudden. Remember going to the mall and seeing all four shops lined up right next to each other? Popping the collars of your polo shirts, with the khaki board shorts and camel sandals lol. Times have definitely changed and so has the fashion, get into it people!

Browse the photos above to get your fall fashion inspiration going, and hit up the American Eagle Outfitters website to join the denim revolution and get your hands on the pieces.

american-eagle-fall-2016-lookbook-1 american-eagle-fall-2016-lookbook-003 american-eagle-fall-2016-lookbook-05 american-eagle-fall-2016-lookbook-09 american-eagle-fall-2016-lookbook-013 american-eagle-fall-2016-lookbook-014 american-eagle-fall-2016-lookbook-16 american-eagle-fall-2016-lookbook-018 american-eagle-fall-2016-lookbook-020 american-eagle-fall-2016-lookbook-21 american-eagle-fall-2016-lookbook-024 american-eagle-fall-2016-lookbook-025

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