The Mighty Fall of Skinny Jeans.

By: Eric Kelley II 



The New Boyz had no idea that the fade they would introduce to the world would last longer than their careers. Since ‘09, the reign of skinny jeans been in heavy rotation with designers make them in different fabrics to keep them in every season. Well… NO MORE! The kid tested, Dad-never-approved skinny jeans overused saga is finally coming to a close. We couldn’t be more excited to finally see a new trend on the horizon because if we see one more dude not breathing because his scrotum is too tight in his skinny; we’re going to revolt!


Fashion influencers, designers, and bloggers all seem to steer towards loose and breathable fit of jeans. This year during the AW17 LCM (London: Collection Men) Fashion Show a handful of London-based fashion houses created a wider, more spread out silhouette for their jeans. The direction moved towards more straight leg or vintage boot cut jeans giving men relaxed looks. These fall jeans will be cropped bigger and you definitely won’t have to struggle to put them on. With lighter washes, deeper indigos, and patched denim; the new wave of jeans will provide you with not only style but the comfort that us guys have been praying for.


Why we even went for this trend that was too tight for our balls, we don’t know but we do know is this new movement is going to be a lot comfier. Now that we know what the new trend is for jeans, here’s how you can add style. Hawaiian shirts seem to be creeping their way through falls back door and sitting at the dinner table to get a piece of pie like all other trends giving them a fashionable scapegoat for wide silhouette jeans. Boots are going to look amazing with them as well! Think, Tim Riggins from Friday Night Lights! His style was don’t-care-how-I-look-I-just-look-good with loose fitted jeans, flannel shirts, and Shear Levi Trucker Jacket. I could go on and on but I’m pretty sure you catch my drift on this.


Relaxed, loose, breathable and can be put together with other pieces well. What more could a man ask for! Sorry New Boyz, we’re finally over looking like jerks in our skinny jeans. We’ll probably see you again in another 5 years but until we’re “Outta 5000”. Check out what GQ has to say about the new trend! You’ll find it enlightening for sure! As always, stay fly trendsetters


Eric Kelley

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