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Hit The Floor- “‘Til Death Do Us Part”

Hit The Floor- “‘Til Death Do Us Part”

Hit The Floor returns picking up right where it left off–with Jelena lying unconscious on the floor in a puddle of her own blood! Sloane finds her and quickly calls for help just as Jude arrives on the scene. The paramedics cut her clothes off of her and transport her to the hospital. Jelena dreams Raquel is sitting next to her at the hospital and she suddenly wakes up in her room, stabilized. A detective arrives and questions Sloane and Jude, revealing they are on his list of suspects. Later, he questions not only Sloane and Jude, but Ahsha, Terrance, and Zero as well. Each of them give him their alibi while he calls out their motive for wanting to kill Jelena. The police, looking to question Oscar for Jelena’s shooting, arrive at his home and free Lionel and Pete from the garage before the carbon monoxide could suffocate them. When questioned by the police, Pete tells them Oscar tried to kill Lionel.

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Ahsha is relieved her mother is okay, but goes to see Derek and fill him in on what is going on. He sees them not being able to leave as a blessing, meaning they do not have to elope and can have a traditional wedding with their friends and family. Jude and Zero recap where they were as well when Jelena was killed, and have sex to celebrate them not having to leave under police order. Everyone learns Jelena is going to recover. Pete arrives back to his desk and finds Sloane’s gun missing from his drawer. He calls Ahsha to question her about it, but she claims not to know where it is.  Later, Derek visits Jelena and tells her he is leaving The Devils and moving to Miami, tiring of her ongoing feud with Ahsha. Jelena tells him he is the team and if he tries to leave she will come after him. Derek warns her of what he is capable of as well and then leaves.

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Derek has a bachelor party at his club with all of his friends. When they bring his stripper cake to him Ahsha emerges surrounded by the Devil Girls for a scandalous routine. She then leaves so he can enjoy his night and she can get to her own bachelorette party with her girls. When the ladies drop Kyle off that night a man waits there for her with Raquel’s son, Miguel, telling her his father cannot and will not care for him. The next morning, Kyle and Jelena discuss Miguel’s future; neither feel they can take him on with their lifestyles, but promise to find the best option for him. Jelena sees Ahsha in the parking lot and threatens her future. Ahsha responds by slapping her! Zero finds Jude’s blood stained shirt!

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Zero confronts Jude about shooting Jelena and offers to help him come up with another alibi. Jude is hurt he would think he could shoot Jelena and reveals the blood came from when he helped them lift her body. Sloane meets with Jelena and begs her to leave Ahsha alone. Jelena tells her with what she has on her, Ahsha’s life will be ruined. Oscar meets with Lionel, revealing he was cleared of shooting Jelena, and bargains with her to get the police off his tell for attempting to murder her. She tells him to divorce her and leave Jude alone forever and she will make it all go away. He agrees. At the arena, Pete reflects on how much of his daughter’s life he has missed. Sloane reminds him he gets to walk her down the aisle and dance with her. She plays some music to teach him a routine. At Ahsha’s wedding the guests arrive and celebrate their semi-happy endings. Jelena arrives and confronts Ahsha before Sloane can reach her. She tells Ahsha she is releasing Derek from his contract and demands she never see her again. Outside, Jelena tells Sloane her secret is safe and she does not want anyone knowing she was shot by her! Derrick and Ahsha exchange vows and wed. Ahsha is met by her parents at the airport and bade farewell. At the arena, Jelena makes Zero her star player, reinstates Jude, and makes Kyle the new head of the Devil Girls. She warns them not to fail her. Derek and Ahsha kiss as they fly away to their honeymoon.


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