Jojo Makes Her Official Return With New Cover Art for ‘Mad Love’

For a decade now, the world has been sitting on pens and needles, awaiting the return of 2000’s pop sensation Jojo to bless us all with yet another solid album. And after freeing two mixtapes, two EPs; Jojo launched her official return a year ago with her triple single consequently deemed “Tringle.” Over a year removed from the triple single project, Jojo has now announced a new album, along with cover art.


Certainly, it’s been rumored and extensively reported that the lady crooner has had endless trouble with her previous label Blackground Records. Jojo’s relationship with Blackground Record disintegrated with the repeated changes of ownership and distribution, which effectively held her career in a standstill. In 2013, she had reached the ends of her patience. According to New York Daily News, the songbird filed a lawsuit against the label claiming that she is no longer their artist, based on the grounds that New York State law prohibits minor from signing contracts that last more than seven years.


In the following year, Jojo announced that she was finally relieved from the deal that had tamed her creativity and that she had inked a deal with Atlantic Records.


Most artist in the industry who experience the imprisonment of their label, regretfully go on a hiatus. But this songbird is different. Jojo proved her resilience by releasing four highly talked about independent projects “Can’t Take That Away from Me”, “Agápē”, “LoveJo” and “LoveJo2.” Alongside with her trilogy single project, her mixtapes and EPs expressed vocal hunger she has to soar on R&B and pop records.

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Earlier this summer, the singer-songwriter unveiled the first lead single from her 15-track album, “MadLove.” The lead single, “F*ck Apologies” is assisted by Wiz Khalifa, who lends a quick verse to the up tempo breakup track.


Presently on tour with Fifth Harmony, Jojo’s promotional campaign for her third album is probable to be kicked in to high gear in the coming weeks.

“MadLove” will be released Oct. 14.


Nehemiah Taylor

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