‘7th Heaven’ Star Talks About Potential Reunion

The late 90s television series 7th Heaven celebrated its 2oth anniversary recently. But don’t expect to see the first family of The WB network on screen together, at least while Reverend Camden is still living.

catCatherine Hicks, who played Stephen Collins wife on the hit series, spoke very highly about the series and the beloved members of the cast. Then this happened:“I don’t know,” she said about plans for a reunion. “I mean, we’d have to open with Stephen’s coffin.”

In case you missed it: Collins, who played Reverend Eric Camden on the show, confessed in 2014 to engaging in inappropriate sexual conduct with three underage minors between 1973 and 1994. Following those revelations, reruns of 7th Heaven were axed from television.


Hicks, who starred as the matriarch of the Camdens, refused to mention the Collins’ debacle in the ambush interview, but did suggest the show would need to go in a different direction if it was to return as a regular series. “A new boyfriend for Annie,” she joked when discussing possible changes for the show with the TMZ camerawoman.

Recently, several of the late 90s’ shows have earned a reboot, including Boy Meets World, Full House and Gilmore Girls, which is set to return for four episodes in November.

7th heaven

7th Heaven premiered on the WB in 1996, was one of the few shows to make the leap to the CW when the new network launched in 2006. It was canceled after one season on the network. The series also starred David Gallagher, twins Nikolas and Lorenzo Brino, and Jessica Biel.

Because of the stigma attached to the show, the potential of the show’s return should be null and void. While reboots have become a hit in the recent years, 7th Heaven, along with the Collins scandal surrounding the show, more than likely would not sit well with viewers.

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