“85 To Africa” to Hit! Jidenna’s Whole Album is a MOOD!


It has been awhile since the “Classic Man, Jidenna, delivered us new music, but his new, sophomore album, 85 To Africa, was well worth the weight! Jidenna has shed the pomade, suits, cane, and casket fresh vests in change for African print attire, braids, and an “awokeness” that the culture is in need of.

Grade: A+

jidenna 85 to africa

The album is one of this artist truly exploring and learning about himself by reconnecting to his African roots, speaking his mind unadulterated, and celebrating his life and those who love and celebrate him. This album is an ode to the old school link up with strong sentiments of community, real self-actualization, and not to mention an earthiness we cannot help but find appealing. Jidenna is a true jewel to the world of rap and hip-hop, and 85 To Africa, is a direct road map to his soul. Kudos, Jidenna, kudos!

Jidenna’s first single off the albumTribe, is just what you need to crank up the party with your friends and let the world know just how lit you and your squad are. However, his second single “Worth The Wait,” is truly a heavyweight on the album and one of our personal favorites. Above all, however, is his song Pretty & Afraid. The single pushes you to go for what you want out of life and not be afraid. It is a mood and vibe akin to “drake-ing!” Check out the track list from the album below:

jidenna 85 to africa

1. Worth The Weight f. Seun Kuti
2. 85 To Africa
3. Babouche f. GoldLink
4. Tribe
5. Sou Sou
6. Zodi f. Mr. Eazi
7. Sufi Woman
8. Vaporiza
9. Pretty & Afraid
10. Jungle Fever
11. The Other Half f. St. Beauty & Mereba

You can stream and download 85 To Africa on all streaming services! Happy listening!

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