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9 Gym Moves That Will Improve Your Sex Life to the Fullest

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Spring is here, and that just means summer is literally around the corner. Are you beach bodies ready?

Well if you need a bit motivation in your workouts, you’re in the right place. Without stating the obvious, working out has many health benefits to your physique.

However, did you realize hitting the gym can improve your sex life?

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According to six experts, they all mutually agreed that when it comes to regular exercise, and great sex, it only comes down to two main factors: the confidence boosts you get during both physical activities, and all those endorphins rushing in your body.

You begin to experience a flood of good hormones, whether your being physically active, or bare nude in the bedroom.

“The endorphins produced from exercise stimulate the release of sex hormones improving your health in a myriad of ways, including increasing your self-esteem and your desire for sex,” said master teacher trainer, and Chief Anatomy Officer for The Dailey Method, Kerry Corcoran.

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“When it comes to sex, studies show that healthier, more fit people often report having better sex lives. This can be attributed to everything from better self-esteem and body image, to improved circulation and core strength. From a purely fitness standpoint, a good core, strong legs, flexible hips and strong arms can go a long way in making sex more enjoyable,” said owner of Integrated Fitness Solutions, David Bauer.

Now do you see why you be feeling yourself after you hit the gym?

With being hip to the fresh and spicy news above, here are some moves you should add to your daily routine, to reach the big O:

1. Sumo Squats

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2. Close Grip Push- Ups

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3.Pelvic Tucks

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4. High back dancing & butterfly bridge

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5. Wide turn-out slides

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Courtesy of Kerry Corcoran

6. Glute Rises

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7. Planks

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8. Crow Pose

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9. Saute Arabesque

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