Are you looking to add something new to your beauty collection? Are you looking for product must-haves for the winter? This list right here will get you set!  Here are 9 products that are KontrolBeauty’s must-haves. These 9 products will make any beauty lover say WOW!


1. La Différence Cosmetics – LDC Plumping Hand Cream

This is a natural product that actives to help compensate for the loss of fat content, and revive the healthy appearance of your hands! I believe this is a must-have, this is a great product for mature women that need a boost canvas for greeting!  -www.ladifferencecosmetics.com

2. Blue Lagoon – Rejuvenating Lip Balm

Protects and nourishes your lips. This product is perfect for the winter time! -shop-eu.bluelagoon.com

3. Buckler’s Skincare – Revitalize Face Oil

This product is everything! Using this every night helped repair and restore elasticity. Looking for better makeup application? Try this out!!  – www.bucklersremedy.com


4. Sinful Colors – Nail Polish

Sinful Colors Nail Polish
Sinful Color polishes are long-lasting and colorful! -www.sinfulcolors.com


5. The Curl Band – Head Wrap

The Curl Band Head Wrap/Haircare Products
The Curl Band is an innovative product and greatly designed! It is so comfortable and great for natural hair! It keeps your styles intact! –www.thecurlband.com

6. It’s a 10 – Miracle Leave-in Product

What can’t this product do? It helps repair dry, damaged hair, adds shine, smoothes & controls frizz, seals & protects hair color, detangles, prevents split ends, stops hair breakage, EVERYTHING! -www.itsa10haircare.com/


7. Vanity Planet – Makeup Sponges

Vanity Planet - Makeup Sponges
All in one sponge and silicone applicator! This dual sponge gives my makeup a flawless finish. No matter the product, it leaves a streak-free application. www.vanityplanet.com

8. Wunder2 Makeup – WunderBrow

HEAVEN! This product does all things listed.  Define, fill and thicken with a more natural brow look! It’s waterproof, longlasting, and completely smudge-free!


9. J Sculpt Fitness Belt


J Sculpt Fitness Belt
This three-tier belt promotes sweating of the midsection to reduce water weight and inches. -www.sojackson.com


Leah Gordone

Executive Beauty Director

Leah Gordone is an published writer and full-time content contributor to YouTube and Kontrol Magazine. She has been known for her beauty videos, college vlogs and crazy storytime videos on YouTube. Not only is she a rising star in the cyber world but she is also an educator. Gordone has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and Speech and upon completion of a Master's in Education in School Counseling. Instagram/Twitter/YouTube @leahgordone

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