Andre 3000 Hired As New Creative Director of Swedish Brand Tretorn

So we haven’t heard much from Outkast lately, in fact since their last reunion at Coachella back in 2014 members of the group have pretty much laid low within industry doing little shows hear and there. Let’s go back and reminisce, though, remember all of the dope trends they were setting back in the day (meaning late 90s, early 2000’s) from music, fashion and just overall style? Outkast was definitely one of those groups that delivered the unexpected and rocked it. One of the most memorable members of the dynamic duo was Andre 3000. 2016 was a dope year for Andre, he appeared on songs with Travis Scott, Frank Ocean, Solange and Kanye West to name a few. As of recently, however, Andre can add yet another title to his resume.

Andre 3000 Hired As New Creative Director of Swedish Brand Tretorn
Andre 3000 performing in duo group Outkast

The former Outkast member will now work with Swedish brand as their new creative director.

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The WWD reports, Nick Woodhouse, ABG’s president and chief marketing officer, Tretorn was looking for an “influencer” of sorts and reached out to Andre, who just happened to be a big fan of the brand. “We wanted to work with Andre because he resonates with all ages and he’s an OG,” Woodhouse explained in a statement. “It was very serendipitous. He’s not a flavor of the month. There are a lot of terrific, young influencers out there, but Andre is established. These young kids are reaching out to him to collaborate. That’s why we did this.”

The stylish rapper, whose style game goes into comparison with the Kanye’s and Pharrel’s of hip-hop culture, will appear in Tretorn’s global brand campaign for fall, which will celebrate the 50th anniversary of its classic Nylite sneaker, and design a capsule collection of footwear for 2018.
“We are making sure that the name of Tretorn gets out there in the sphere of the youth, and the idea with Andre is to make the brand more famous than what it is so the Millennial customer can understand it,” concludes Tretorn’s president.

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Sounds like a dope new title to have, and by the looks of how this collaboration is going thus far, there is definitely a lot of anticipation for the release of some killer dope merchandise for the upcoming fashion seasons. Your dope for reading!

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