B2K Fans Rejoice! Raz-B Says, “A B2K Reunion is in the Works.”

Reunion fever is spreading like wildfire! Believe it or not,  another one of your favorite R&B groups has caught the bug. After years of speculation, it seems the rumors of a B2K reunion may be true. According to B2K member Raz-B, a B2K reunion tour is in the works.

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Yesterday, Pleasure P, a member of one of the most sensual R&B Groups in history,  Pretty Ricky, took to Instagram to ask the group to put their differences aside, and give their fans what they’ve been patiently waiting for, a reunion tour. On behalf of all the B2K fans, thank you, Pleasure P. A B2k reunion tour is long overdue, but before we get our hopes up let’s take a stroll down memory lane.

Is Lil Fizz on Board?

Raz-B tweet hints at a possible B2K reunion.

This isn’t the first time Raz-B has insinuated a B2K reunion. In 2016, Raz-B tweeted, “Now or Never.” Judging from B2K member, Lil Fizz response the answer is never. In an interview with Marc Lamont Hill on VH1 Live, Lil Fizz said,

“It’s been a little over 10, like leave it alone. I would love for it to come back but there are just people that don’t want to do it. It’s not beef, it’s just ego… If it can happen it’ll happen but it’s not gonna happen.”

Like every great group before them, B2K split was due to money, management, and sadly ego. In order for this reunion to be successful, all the members must be in agreement: Lil Fizz, Omarion, Raz-B, and J-Boog. My statement reigns true. 2017 will be renowned as the year of reunion. With all these reunions, you have to stop and wonder who’s next on our list of R&B groups to have a reunion: 702, Destiny’s Child, En Vogue, IMX, or Mint Condition?



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