A Gift Guide for Mother’s Day

For that special lady in your life who held your hand to cross the street, made your boo-boo’s feel better with a kiss, and always made you a big birthday breakfast; I’m definitely talking about your mother! If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for your mom look no further because our ultimate gift guide will surely give you an idea on how to make this Mother’s Day amazing.

Viva La Juicy Rose-Perfume


 Offers a fresh twist on the classic scent. A springtime toast to the forever bubbly Viva girl, Viva La Juicy Rose is an irresistible bouquet of honey-like pink blossoms, which pops with fizzy citrus perfection and is kissed by the glow of sensual amber. The scent perfectly captures the Viva La Juicy Rose muse’s sparkling personality and vibrant world. Everyone know your mom is sweet, now she can smell sweet too!

Retail Price: $25.00-$94.00

Purchase at Macy’s or Juicy Couture

Clipa- Matte Silver


Used to clip most handbags, gym/business bags, diaper or shopping bags, and camera bags. This product is ideal for bathrooms, sporting events, outdoor cafes, and strollers. Perfect to clip one of the many classic bags that your mom has.

Purchase at www.clipa.us

Retail Price: $15.99

Downy-Wrinkly Releaser (Plus)


A wrinkle spray that reduces wrinkles and helps keep your clothes looking neat without the hassle of ironing. This also acts as an odor eliminator, static remover, and fabric refresher. Your mom can take a wrinkle out of anything. This year make it a easier.

Purchase at Walmart, Target, Kroger

White Sands Gel-us


Created with two scientifically advanced concepts in mind. Gel-Us possesses an entire product with cat-ionic activity which allows 100% activity of the entire gel base to work synergistic-ally in styling, condition and providing hydration and shine unlike any other product. Give this to your mom and let her hair glow!

Purchase at www.whitesandsproducts.com

Retail price: $15.40



Hairfinity Healthy Hair Vitamins are formulated to fill in the gaps left by your regular diet and provide your body with the nutrition it needs to grow healthy hair from the INSIDE OUT. Our Exclusive Capilsana® Complex provides the hair with strengthening amino acids in Hydrolyzed Collagen, MSM for vitality, and hair boosting Horsetail and Silica. A vitamin that your mom must have. Don’t be surprised if she asks for a refill.

Purchase at: www.hairfinity.com

Retail Price: $24.99

Osmotics Anti-Radical Age Defense:


 This revolutionary moisturizer is essential for defending your skin against the ravages of time. My total skin defense formula combines the newest and most powerful anti-radical protection with natural epidermal lipids to restore your protective moisture barrier, the first line of defense against environmental aging. It is the only product available that targets all three types of harmful free radicals while protecting cellular DNA. You’ll see healthier smoother, younger looking skin now and for years to come. This is for if your mom want to look even younger.

Purchase at www.osmotics.com

Retail price: $125.00

Oral-B PRO 5000 (white) & 7000 (black) SmartSeries Electric Toothbrush with Bluetooth

71o2GRGE0zL._SY355_ k2-_3e045ca4-9d43-4443-91e0-56195d22315d.v1

These “smart” toothbrushes connect to the enhanced Oral-B App that provides real-time guidance while users brush, & records brushing activity that you can also share with your dental professional! It also has 6 different cleaning modes (whitening included) which will polish your smile like no body’s business!

Purchase at  http://oralb.com/en-us/product-collections/electric-toothbrushes

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