A Guide to the Different Shapes of Diamond Ring

Diamonds come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can choose the shape that you like most and that suits your style and personality best. But whether you’re shopping for yourself or for someone you love, knowing what the different shapes of diamond ring are will help you narrow down your many choices and allow you to make the selection that’s right for you or your gift recipient. Continue reading to access a brief guide to get started.

Round and Oval

The round shaped diamond is the most popular, so you’ll find a lot of these when you shop from retailers like Ascot Diamonds. You can place this shape onto a variety of settings to create a truly beautiful diamond ring, and you can also add smaller diamonds of different shapes on the sides of a round diamond to give it an even more lovely appearance.

But if you don’t want to be too traditional, you can instead opt for the oval cut, which is quite similar yet gives the diamond a longer appearance and also gives the wearer’s finger an elongated appearance as well.

Marquise and Pear

The marquise is a traditional yet unique cut that has been making a comeback. It looks like your typical diamond shape, with a rounded center and pointed edges at the top and bottom of the stone. A solitary setting is a great option for a marquise, though you can also opt for a band that has a channel setting with additional diamonds as well. Also, the marquise is known for making any size diamond appear larger, so if you’re looking for impact, go with this shape.

A pear cut, on the other hand, is almost like half of a marquise, with one rounded edge and one sharp edge, just like a pear or a teardrop. If you go with a pear cut diamond and you want to create the illusion of a longer finger, wear the pointed end facing away from your body.

Princess, Asscher, Emerald, and Cushion

The famous princess cut diamond is basically a square cut diamond that works in a wide range of ring settings and will definitely shine brilliantly, thanks to the many facets within the stone.

But if you are not particularly fond of the hard edges of the princess cut, you can instead go for the asscher cut, which actually appears octagonal and has even more sparkle.

Emerald diamonds are basically rectangular diamonds, and these feature cropped corners.

Another options is the cushion cut. This is basically a cross between an oval diamond and a rectangular cut, as it almost has the appearance of a pillow, thanks to its soft edges.


Finally, the heart cut diamond is one-of-a-kind because it looks like a little heart on the ring. This is definitely the cut to choose if you’re looking for something that’s truly different.

As you can see, there’s a range of diamond cuts to choose from. Determine which shape you like best based upon how it looks on your finger and in your preferred ring setting.



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