A Must See! San Andreas is A Force of Nature!

San Andreas takes you on a nail-biting adventure through the aftermath of an enormous natural disaster in California. The movie starts out with, Ray, played by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, saving a young girl pushed to the edge of a cliff from an earthquake. What the people of California thought was merely the usual ground shaking experience that they’re used to, turned out to only be the beginning. A humongous series of groundbreaking quakes quickly followed, literally tearing California apart from the US along the fault-line. Throughout the movie, you will witness interesting various ways in which the people of California attempt to stay alive. Watching the movie in “Real 3-D” will have you on the edge of your seat the entire time, making you feel as though you are experiencing the catastrophe with the characters. Although special effects played a big part in making the film a success, selecting the right cast was also vital.


 The protagonist, Ray, performed true to character at all times, showing a vast series of emotions. You will witness Ray do whatever it takes to save his estranged daughter Blake, played by Alexandra Daddario. Carla Gugino, who plays Ray’s wife, is not new to the action-movie scene. Gugino is most known for her role as the mother on the Spy Kids trilogy but has also starred in Watchman, Sin City and Night at the Museum. Hugo Johnstone-Burt plays the character Ben. Burt brings a slight contrast to the main cast with this European accent, blonde hair and green eyes; Burt will definitely have the eyes of all the young ladies glued to the screen.

Written By: Jayden Hollywood


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