A Resilient Soul reveals the truth behind debut album “Love me or Leave me”

There is no question to the talent Alvester Martin displays! Yes, he is known as the infamous dancer behind the hottest celebrity megastars. However, who is the lively man behind closed doors? What passions does he possess? Alvester gave me the opportunity to take a glimpse into his personal life. The resilient soul revealed the truth behind his debut album/mixtape “Love Me or Leave Me” and his first love…MUSIC.

Alvester Martin releases his debut album

Alvester knew since the tender age of five he wanted to be an entertainer!

“When I was a kid. I always wanted to dance! Broke my leg in my grandmother’s kitchen trying to imitate a Michael Jackson film. I remember begging my grandmother to let me sing in the church choir. Since the age of 9, that’s all I ever wanted to do” he said with pleasure.

This industry is so cut-throat! Most expect stardom overnight. Sometimes we take a note to self to stop expecting. We just give up! Even when it’s wrong and we know we should not, but it’s the easiest thing to do. Just like most of us, he explained sometimes his inspiration comes and goes.

“Sometimes my inspiration leaves. I have times when I didn’t want to do it anymore. The industry took the fun out. It was just a job. Each tattoo on me is a time where I wanted to quit. I got the tattoo as a reminder to stay the course.”

Alvester Martin releases his debut album

When all the odds are against you. What do you do? Further into the conversation is when I knew his ambition is what pushes him into success. “I never wanted to be a [background] dancer. My ex-girlfriend wanted to be a [background] dancer! I just wanted a job” said with laughter. What caught me by surprise was when he stated the reason he wanted to become a ballet dancer. “My modern dance teacher told me in high school I would never be a dancer because of my aesthetic. I became professional at 16!” He proves no one can deter you from what you desire!

Alvester Martin releases his debut album

Still, how would his fans receive his music? Of course, this isn’t his first rodeo. However, the last time the public saw Alvester, he was on Lifetime’s hit Reality TV show “Vivica’s Black Magic;” Known as a very controversial show that kept him in headlines!

“I had a chance to sit down with Vivica Fox this past weekend. It was a great talk. Never did I ever think it would be as chaotic as it was. I made a choice to take myself out of entertainment for a while. I did not like the negativity.”

He admits how it was a blessing to be a part of a cable network. We sure did not mind seeing him gracing our screens! As the standup guy that he is; he is he also admitted to playing a part in the manipulation broadcasted on the show. As far as seeing him on reality television again? He expressed, he does not want to be a part of anything that tares down another black man.

Alvester Martin releases his debut album

So, yeah, love me or leave me? With that being said! Setbacks are always the best comebacks. By listening to the music you can hear the authenticity, the pain, the love, the anger. It’s like a heartwrenching evaluation of parts of his life.

“This project chronicles the last 4 to 5 years of my life.”

From homelessness to the death of loved ones, he has gone through it all in process of this album. “It’s literally the transition phase. Being a background dancer to now exposing yourself to the audience. It’s a whole life changing thing.”

Alvester Martin releases his debut album

The sensual records will leave you reminiscing about your own life experiences. He is leaving nothing off the table. This is not your regular love ballots. It’s pure honesty from a man’s point of view.

“I’m aware of all the fuckups and not blaming the female. Looking at one’s self…it’s going to make you think did he really say that.”

Fans, if you’re looking for the song to keep on repeat, “the beginning of the end.” He expressed “I was going through that at the specific moment. I was at the point when I was over it! It was my life. I didn’t have to think about. I was going through that exact day!” As I listened to it, it just made it feel even more powerful.

Love Me or Leave Me streams everywhere October 18th!

All in all, Alvester is one of the most dynamic individuals I have ever encountered. He lives by these words, “whatever you go thru never be afraid to be wrong or you will never know what is right.” His transparency has no limits. His eccentric records are, an eccentric mix inspired by every genre that keeps him going. Make sure you head over to alvestermartin.com to get a glimpse of his new album which releases October 18th! You can also catch him on an upcoming episode of BET’s “TALES” that airs Tuesday nights at 9:00 PM EST.


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