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A summer workout to make you look great

A summer workout to make you look great

We know we focus on looking good all the time, as far as your hair and beauty are concerned … but we want you to be fit as well because being fine is a must for any season. We talked to Bennie Moore, a professional personal trainer in Texas, who has nothing but the best tips to offer us and his clients on a summer workout to make you look great .

“The most important thing to remember this summer is to stay hydrated,” says Bennie Moore, a.k.a. B. Moore. “Staying hydrated can help with your physical performance.”

Moore suggests you lift light weights at a high rep is great form of cardio for a great summer workout.

If you want to work on your thighs, then try single leg plank raises. To start, lay on the floor in the plank position (in a push-up position but on your elbows) Raise one leg off the ground and hold it there. While keeping your leg straight, begin to move it up and down without touching the floor. Do 20-30 of these and alternate your legs upon completion. Do 4 sets of 20-30 reps!

Tone your arms by alternating biceps curls and tricep dips. The body has a dominant side and a recessive side. Alternating your limbs give you an opportunity to strengthen your weak side and creates a more even look. The tricep dip is very effective as well. It works the “three” muscles of the arm and gives you a more developed look!

“Fitness, in a nutshell, is being able to perform with an accelerated heart rate while maintaining a level of control,” adds B. Moore. “NEVER train your body to look like someone else. Give your ALL and do the very best YOU can do. In the end, that person who you were trying to pattern yourself after … just may want to look like you.”


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