A Superior Sequel! Deadpool 2 Goes ALL The Way In!

It seems like we spent an eternity waiting for our favorite “Merc with a Mouth” to slay the Big Screen again! Well wait no more, because Wade Wilson AKA Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds( is back with a vengeance! Yes that means more blood, lots of violence, lots of X-Men related characters, and let’s not forget Cable–a bad ass soldier from an apocalyptic future on a mission.

deadpool 2 cable josh brolin
Josh Brolin as “Cable”

Deadpool 2 begins with Wade doing what he does best KILLING, and having fun while doing it. Deadpool is a full fledged superhero now with a lethal edge and taking on crime around the world. However, no good deeds go unpunished, nor murders forgiven; as our hero loses someone dear to him. Determined to atone and find his place in the world he inadvertently befriends a troubled, young pyrokinetic mutant, Rusty Collins. Rusty, however, is in Cable’s cross hairs. Cable proves to be just one part of a series of unfortunate events that will challenge Deadpool–and your sanity–in every way possible has he and his crew face an “unstoppable” force.

zazie beetz as domino in deadpool 2
Zazie Beetz as “Domino”

We definitely expected Deadpool 2 to be hilarious, but this film really takes the cake! The references to other superheroes and film companies will leave you reeling as they are rife with shade and discontent! Even more than the jokes, we loved the X-Force, in particular Domino (Zazie Beetz). Just know that “luck” is going to become your super power of choice. Also, let’s just note how bad ass Josh Brolin is as not only one, but two Marvel characters in one summer! First he wipes out half the universe as Thanos, and now he’s a superhero. We are not sure how the next Deadpool film will play out being that he will be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Maybe we will finally get to see him with a few other X-Men besides Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead–now that his timeline is cleaned up!

Be sure you catch Deadpool 2 in theaters nationwide TONIGHT!

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