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A Tale of Two Trends: Fur and Denim

A Tale of Two Trends: Fur and Denim

The official first day of Spring is near, March 20th, and there are two trends that just don’t seem to want to just stop at winter, but instead transcend into the Spring season as well. Everyone knows that trends have their own set length of time that they may last, but most only last about a season very seldom is a trend so “trendy” that it can break the barrier of a season’s frame. Bloggers caught on quickly and made inspired outfits as well. Two of the top trends of the 2015 Winter season from celebrities to the mainstream were FUR and DENIM x DENIM!

I don’t know about anyone else, but my favorite was specifically DENIM x DENIM! I dabbled in the fur trend here and there, but I definitely feel as though the denim trend could transcend much further than fur because once that Spring heat comes through the last thing I would want to be caught dead in is a fur coat, vest, nothing! The denim trend however, I could wear anytime. Denim can truly be worn any season even in the summer if you wear it right. The denim trend is specifically my favorite because there’s not a real specific way to wear it. You can mix and match different denim hues, and you can even wear denim on your shoes. Some celebrities that really kicked off the denim trend included: Beyonce’, Rihanna, and Kim Kardashian. Most wanted to know who wore it better, but honestly you can’t go too wrong with the combination. Since it’s a trend you shouldn’t wear it all the same way you should make it your own to match your style. Some like it classy and others like it street, but the good thing is that in style there are really no set rules other than be yourself because no one other than you can do that.


The fur trend was a subtle trend whereas the denim trend was more like a statement. The fur trend was more like oh it’s Winter and it’s cold so of course wear fur. Faux fur, real fur whatever you prefer, but out of no where fur went from it’s cold so wear fur to wait let’s match our fur, or let’s try putting fur on heels,  and even Kim K wore a bikini made out of fur. So, you can’t really over look the whole fur trend when celebs couples like: Diddy and Cassie, Chris Brown and Karrueche, and Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are dragging out the trend as long as they can with their fur coats and vests they’ve been strutting around in lately.



So, watch out for these trends that seem as though they aren’t letting go as Spring vapidly approaches. Don’t be surprised if in the early Spring time frame you see someone slaying in a fur vest or heels with fur on them. The denim trend will let itself be known by the statement it makes and I predict there is much more of that trend to come. Pair either trend with your hottest nude or black heels or timbs and you’re set!


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