Mariah Carey

A TV Series Based On The Childhood Of Mariah Carey Is Underway

Mariah Carey

A reality show isn’t enough for the Diva of R&B music. No, Mariah Carey needs an entire TV series. Thanks to Starz, a fictional series based on the experiences of Mariah Carey is in the works. Fans will get an in-depth look at Carey’s career from the very beginning.

Starz Greenlights Mariah Carey TV Series

Written by showrunner Nina Colman, the scripted series is set to take place during 1968. Film producer and Mariah’s long-time friend, Brett Ratner, will serve as executive producer. Alongside Ratner is the Diva herself, Mariah Carey, Carey’s Manager Stella Bulochinikov, Ugly Betty’s Teri Weinberg, and Horrible Bosses’ John Cheng. The series will follow the trials and tribulations of a bi-racial teen’s journey to make headway in the music industry.


Mariah’s World

In 2016, Carey gave fans a sneak peek of her world in the E! series, Mariah’s World. Now, the iconic 47-year-old singer and songwriter is ready to give fans a more in-depth look into her childhood. News of a series solely based on Mariah’s upbringing could not have come at better time. Currently, the Grammy award winning songstress is touring the world with Lionel Riche and venturing into the world of makeup. Carey’s rise to fame is a story long overdue. The big question is who will play a young Mariah?

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