Accessories: Must Haves for Guys




It’s time to erase the Steve Erkel image from your mind and get re-introduced to suspenders. This item can never go out of style. It’s strictly for the classic man; the brother on the move that is making a name for himself.

Purchase this accessory in earth tone colors. Those choices of colors allow your items to become easy to match with any fit of your choice.

Pork Pie Hat:



The next accessory that you MUST HAVE in your archives is the Pork Pie Hat. Despite its unflattering name, this headgear gives you that 1960s flare. A desired 1960s man was smooth with the ladies and confident. Allow this item to add another element of sexy to your outfit.

Oxford Shoes:



NBA player, the great Russell Westbrook once said,

Shoes make an outfit. You can throw on a crazy shirt and crazy pants but you add those shoes – done.

It’s time to add the Oxford shoe to your inventory and increase the level of prestige in your outfits.



Now, fellas, you may ask yourself, “how do I piece all these items together into one outfit?”

Allow me to introduce you to the re-invented date night outfit.


For your night out with that special someone, take your suspenders, and clip them on to some Chinos.  Add a small cuff to the bottom of your Chinos and wear a button-up, short-sleeved shirt. To seal the deal, wear your Pork Pie Hat, and Oxford shoes, and you’ll be irresistible. Make sure that all colors of choice has the perfect flow!


Viva la fashion,


Sarai Thompson

What do you get when you mix youth, fashion, and enthusiasm into one? You get Sarai Thompson! I'm a Senior at Georgia State University ambitious and goal driven. I am a first generation Jamaican American, born in Boston, and Atlanta is my playground.

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