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Accessories That Every Fashion Forward Person Should Have in Their Wardrobe

Accessories That Every Fashion Forward Person Should Have in Their Wardrobe

Finding things to wear on a daily basis can be a tedious task. After rummaging through your closet, you may find that even amongst the endless piles of clothes in front of you, finding something to wear is a struggle. Instead of spending tons of money continuously buying new clothes, why not invest in buying essential accessories? It is important that you have key accessories in your closet. They can help make a simple outfit stand out and can add life to many of your looks. You’re going to find a list of accessories that you should definitely have in your closet if you happen to be a fashion-forward individual.

Watches have a way of subtly making your outfit a lot more stylish. Gold ones, in particular, have the ability to make your outfit look more quality as well as chic. There is a range of styles that you could consider for a watch which include varying strap sizes, materials, and textures. You should also note that you don’t have to buy a Rolex for your watch to stand out. More importantly, you should aim for something that is of good quality, isn’t faded and that is also simple in some cases.

Stylish Glasses
Whether sunglasses or designer reading glasses, eyewear should be an accessory in your closet. Depending on the style of the glasses, they can take you from looking like a movie star to a white-collar professional. If you want to wear reading glasses but your eyes are perfectly fine, you could consider taking the lenses out of the frame and putting non-prescription ones there instead. You should think about getting different styles in terms of the frames just so that you have a wide variety. It is also recommended that you get a pair of aviators as they’re fashionable and can add personality to your looks.

Diamond studs are a way to make you look classier and well-put-together. They are a simple and timeless fashion statement that prove that often times, simplicity really is key. You don’t have to break the bank buying authentic diamond earrings as a nice pair of faux ones may do the trick. You can also consider getting them in different shapes and sizes if you want to give yourself an edge. Amongst all of your jewelry, always remember that studs are one of many essentials in your wardrobe.

Hats are an awesome way of transforming your outfit. There are so many different styles for you to choose from which is what makes them such a good addition to your closet. In terms of styles, the different styles include bucket, beanie, baseball, army, boater, beret, fisherman, famous, gambler and flat hats. You should consider getting numerous different style so that you have the option of choosing from a number of different looks. Also, think about getting them in a number of colors so that as with your bags, you can mix and match. The good thing about hats is that they work in different climates whether it happens to be hot or cold. If you need some tips on how to wear a hat, some include not wearing baseball hats on the red carpet, sporting beanie hats with red lipstick, and ensuring your hats are properly fitted to your head.

Shoulder Bag
In your world of accessories, a bag should be at the top of your list. Although there are various styles of bags such as handbags or backpacks, chain strap bags or minimalist bags, in particular, are a great addition to your closet. This is because they can easily be worn, they’re cute and portable, and a reasonably sized one can contain most of your essentials such as a small hand cream, lip gloss, hand sanitizer, your keys and any other bits you may have. Chain bags are also great because they usually tend to come in different colors and you can also get detailed ones. You could choose to get a number of them and mix and match different outfits. You may find that some of them even have detachable straps so that you can use it as a handbag if you’re not up for a shoulder bag on some days.

There are so many different types of scarves that it is only right that you have some in your wardrobe. You can choose from a range of different materials and prints and use them in so many different ways. While you may decide to tie some around your neck, scarves can also be used in your hair and tied to your bag to give it an extra touch. Additionally, you have the option of choosing from different lengths and widths, depending on the way that you choose to wear the scarf that day. If you’re looking at other ways to tie a scarf, there is French knot, a knotted necklace, double sided twist, scarf wrap, cozy neck wrap, and a knitted shawl. Some patterns and textures to consider include silk scarves for a more expensive look, polka dotted and floral prints, and wool knitted scarves if it’s cold outside.

Arm candy can be very fashionable, and there is also so much to choose from. You could go for metal bracelets, gold or silver, or handmade bracelets. No matter what you happen to be wearing, there is almost always a bracelet that will match whether it is casual wear, evening, wear or even daywear. As will all other accessories, just try and have a variety so that you can pick and choose until you find one that matches your desired look for a particular outing or occasion.

Accessories are just another way of expressing yourself and giving people an insight into who you are. There are a number of ways that you can combine them with your clothes to give you new, fresh and stylish looks that are all reflections of your personal style and who you are. On that note, next time you happen to do a little shopping for your closet, consider buying some accessories to give your closet more of a sparkle.


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