YOU MUST ACCESSORIZE! StyleKontrol Favorite Accessories!

Accessories can make or break an outfit. But, you MUST ACESSORIZE! StyleKonrol has selected our Top trending accessories for 2017, that never quite went out of style.

The word accessory tends to make people nervous. Accessories are usually categorized as jewelry and a purse or handbag. But, they are so much more; backpacks, shoes, belts, arm jewelry to sunglasses. Stylist, fashion designers and consumers will often become hesitant of adding accessories to an ensemble that speaks style without adding extra. But, there are so many times that accessories are needed.

Coco Chanel once said “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory,”  But what if just one piece of accessory is enough?

Below check out our must haves for 2017!

Model walking down runway

The Fanny pack is back!

Millennials rather refer to them as waist belts. But, lets be clear these 1980s inspired waist belts are “Fanny Packs” with style. Designers, Louis Vuitton and Chanel are definitely into the the return of the “Fanny Pack.” This handsfree trend is everything.

Sarah Jessica Parker takes photo on red carpet


Oh, you Fancy Huh?!

Model walking on runway
Gucci 2017

Socks aren’t just for tennis shoes, there for stilettos too. 2017 fancy socks are the accessory that MAKES the outfit. Gucci and Fenty x Puma by Rihanna are one of our favorite trends in fishnet, dress and sweat sock form. Rihanna walking in street



Models on runway for fashion shows
Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Why the question mark you ask? I won’t say its one of my favorites. But, it seems to be a fashion trend on the runway that is a must have for 2017. Do we love this trends? I think this accessory we can do without. We’ll take Coco Chanel advised on this one. Or, maybe it’ll grow on us.

Statement Belts

Model on runway
Photo Vogue Ready to wear Tommy Hilfiger

Give me a pleat skirt, Versace logo shirt and statement belt I can conquer the world! Statement belts will always and forever be in style.

Handbag or Backpack? BACKPACK!

images of handbags
Chanel and Moschino Backpacks

Who said backpacks are only for students. Whether you’re heading out to an event, lunch with friends or just want to be fabulous. Put down the handbag and grab your backpack.

Embellished shoes

image of embellished shoes
Dolce & Gabbana

Why not save the best for last. Being the shoe addict that I am, shoes is the one piece that will make or break your outfit. One simple shirt, a pair of jeans and a stylish shoe tells me everything about you! And, this year embellished shoes are definitely adding that extra imagination to viewers who are watching fashionista’s every step. Embellish me in shoes and I won’t need anything!

Shanice Shantelle

Fashion Writer

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