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Actor Brad James talks Tyler Perry, New Film and Chili

Actor Brad James talks Tyler Perry, New Film and Chili

Atlanta is killing the game in TV and film, otherwise known as the black Hollywood, Atlanta is where its at for up and coming actors to break into the business. Actor Brad James was one of them. The soon to be veteran actor has been in everything from network television to on the big screen, not only showing off his good chiseled looks but his craft for acting as well. Born and raised in Augusta, GA the 706 native broke into the business it seems on accident being discovered on a visit to Atlanta. James who was in his early 20’s at the time and a military marine explains his switch of occupations.

“I am a passion driven person; I think just passion brought me to the entertainment industry acting inparticular. I’m a person who wanted to be a lot of things and I wanted to be so many different things that you almost couldn’t do it in one lifetime. I get to be an attorney without all the schooling, I get to be a doctor without all the clinical, I get to be an assassin without the risk of jail time or being shot. Acting is where it’s at for me.”

 James latest film “The Choice” hit theatres February 5th, The Choice is a film based on Nicholas Sparks 18 selling books. It’s a deep love story based in everyday life, and while things do get shaken up as they do in everyday life in this film it shows that you have to make a choice. We don’t know where those choices are going to lead, but within the film you’ll see the trials and tribulations of the choices you make on everyday situations and the affects of those choices.

 “I play the character Ben. Ben is the good friend of the main character Travis in the film and he’s the guy that crosses his T’s and dots his I’s, he makes sure everything is ok but likes to have fun at the same time. There’s one scene in the film where were at a carnival and Ben like to have fun and get on the rides like everyone else. However he doesn’t have the stomach for it, so you know he likes to hang but he’s a little more level headed than the other characters.”

 James goes on to explain his experience shooting the film.

 “The experience was incredible; we shot it in North Carolina, which is a beautiful location. I’m looking for a reason to get back there, but filming is so great in Atlanta most of my projects are here, but I can’t wait to get back to North Carolina. Also aside from the great cast and crew the fans were great as well, I was fortunate enough to come across fans from other shows I’ve done as well, so it was a great experience.”

brad james

James has also graced a lot of hit network shows from, Devious Maids, Teen Wolf and Single Ladies to name a few. Often well known for his current television portrayal as Todd on Tyler Perry’s “For Better Or For Worse” he explains why he feels so close to the character.

 “I have to say I’m the closest to Todd from for better or worse, because I’ve played him for years. Were actually in the middle of filming our new season for the OWN Network and there’s just certain closeness when it comes to playing Todd. I’ve gotten to really help shape the character for many years.”

 Also working starring opposite of a lot of veterans in the acting game from Lisa Raye McCoy, to DB Woodside, Tyler Perry and Tatyana Ali the list goes on, James explains his learning experiences from working with such veterans when it comes to the business of film and television.

 “I’ve learned so much from everybody I’ve worked with, Tyler Perry in specific. I’ve learned that just because everybody else doesn’t think it’s a good idea doesn’t mean it wont work. He’s somebody who really trusts himself and his decisions and has the success to show for it. I mean if you cant learn something from Tyler then you must have your eyes and ears closed.”

 In the last year a lot of rumors have been swirling around via gossip blogs and social media that James and Chili from TLC are rumored to be a couple. James finally puts the accusations to rest on his dating status with this brief statement to Kontrol Mag.

 “Lol that’s funny, I am currently dating one young lady and we’ve been dating for a little while now. Chili yeah she’s amazing, and we are enjoying ourselves lol. So that is my status.”

 James is not only good looking and charming on screen in front of the camera, but he’s also very proficient behind the camera as well sitting as a producer and director for some future film projects coming soon.

 “There are a few new projects in the works. I’m going to be shooting a film in Chicago. We haven’t settled on a title yet but we’re currently putting together an awesome cast, and it’s going to be a love story. It’s going to be serious; heart wrenching and we’re pulling the best of the best in talent, so definitely be on the lookout for it soon.”

brad james

 Brad James is an all around Renaissance man, coming from a humble background to the fast pace world of acting, directing and producing. Also being man candy to a lot of fans and viewers of his many film and television appearances. James is well becoming a veteran actor in his own right. James latest film “The Choice” is in theatres worldwide now, also be on the lookout for James in the latest season of Tyler Perry’s “For Better Or For Worse”. – EffYeahMark

 Thanks for reading, be sure to follow me on IG @EffYeahMark !


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