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Actor Kris Lofton Speaks about HBO’s Ballers and More

Actor Kris Lofton Speaks about HBO’s Ballers and More

Lofton Has Layers

Whether it has been acting in films like Hardball and Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns or a TV series like FOX’s Empire and The Game, Kris Lofton has the work ethic for it all. Interviewing this talented actor revealed his many layers. Although he has found his calling in acting, he recalls initially wanting to do something related to psychology. Sigmund Freud was his source of inspiration for this career path. Lofton also could see himself being an undercover cop, which would give him the opportunity to be someone he really wasn’t. Nevertheless, he is still able to do that through acting.

Kris Lofton HBO
Kris Lofton plays Kisan Teague on HBO’s Ballers (Image: @krisdlofton)



While in high school Lofton played sports like football and baseball. He received scholarships to play in college for both sports. However, he says did not take that path as he chose acting instead. As he considers himself a realist he knows it would be extremely challenging to make it to Major League Baseball. For this reason, he would rather not pursue going pro. With his latest role as running back Kisan Teague in HBO’s Ballers, playing football comes full circle. Lofton says his experience playing football makes playing this role “more sweet.”


Kris vs. Kisan

He feels “lucky and honored” to play this role because Ballers is one of his favorite shows. The opportunity is “surreal” to him. This role is exciting for him because he has never had a chance to “tap in” to a character. His character appears in multiple episodes of the show’s third season. With multiple appearances throughout the season, Lofton says he can “humanize” Teague’s character. The audience can relate better that way.

Kris Lofton Chicago HBO
Kris Lofton in Chicago (Image: @krisdlofton)


While Lofton is from Chicago and his character is from Overtown (a hood area in Miami), they both have things in common. Lofton says they are both firecrackers with “wildcard” personalities. Also, they both keep a group of friends around that they probably shouldn’t. There are things Kisan does that Kris does not agree with. One of those things is “jeopardizing million-dollar contracts.”

Acting Habits

To prepare for his roles, Lofton likes mixing himself with the character’s life. He also thinks it is important to visit the area that his character is from. This leads him to say he wants to visit Overtown in Miami to get a more authentic feel. He also mentioned he does not take himself too seriously and one should find a happy medium. There is a time to turn it on and off, like getting serious right before a serious scene. He says doing this makes him get prepared better.
When asked if he prefers one over another, Lofton says he likes TV roles over movies. He feels movie roles are like “one-night stand[s].” When doing a movie, there is no recurring role and once the movie is over then the character is done. The actor compares doing a TV series to “a girl who loves you” because he can form a bond with the crew and cast.
One of his goals is to get in better shape because he admits to having bad eating habits and not drinking any water. He has naturally been able to have a good appearance but he wants to start working out. This will come in handy for his role as a running back this season. Football players must constantly be mindful of their bodies.

The Industry

While Lofton has had success as an actor, he explains that this is not for everyone. He states, “acting makes no sense for the real world.” Some people audition for numerous roles before they get their first gig. Other people give up after being rejected so many times. There are some roles he will steer clear of, like roles that require him wearing wigs or dresses. He says those roles are of no interest to him. After moving from Chicago to Los Angeles to grow as an actor, he realized the competition was intense. However, casting directors remember the people who never gave up.

Kris Lofton HBO
Kris Lofton (Image: @krisdlofton)



To keep up with Kris Lofton’s journey, follow him on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @krisdlofton (Facebook Kris D. Lofton).


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