Actor Omari Hardwick lashes out on Twitter in defense of his wife

And the “get folks together” award goes to sexy actor Omari Hardwick from Power and Being Mary Jane.  Twitter (as well as myself) was shocked to learn the  eye candy was indeed a married man with a son.  However, their shock turned malicious.  Mean-natured tweets were hurled at his wife calling her “ugly” and someone even went as far as saying she looks like “Jeremy Scott.”

Omari wasn’t having it and quickly defended his wife.

I wish all of you could experience celebrity for a week to understand the LEVEL of ugly in certain diseases (called human beings).

I thought it was ugly losing my son. I thought it was ugly losing my brother at 45 & sister at 33. All within 3 yr span. Ugly of HATE is a portion of cancer immeasurable. Social media has aided in the hate of my generation of public figures vs. those before us.

I want to personally THANK all of you who have only loved supported PROPERLY challenged me & recognized GOD’s truth of my existence & those I would die & kill FOR. I love u back. I root for you all. Those who have created your own truth so to make your despicable selves feel better, with zero care for those like me who’ve done zero to you, I want to harm you…while EQUALLY praying for the misery known as you.


Powerful words and perspective. Unfortunately, being a public figures comes with the territory of thousands of people thinking they know what’s best for you. If the man is happy and in love, it’s no ones place to judge. If anything, I’m feeling a slight onset of jealousy towards his wife. She gets to see that man come out the shower…DAILY? Good grief. They can call her all the names they want, but at the end of the day, her name is whispered from his lips at night.


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