Actress Tasha Smith Steals $12K from Non-Profit Organization!?

Controversy seems to follow actress Tasha Smith wherever she goes nowadays. The dramatic and public spat she is currently in with her estranged husband, Keith Douglas, made headlines recently. Both sides claimed the other wanted them dead–does this sound like “Why Did I Get Married?” meets “Gone Girl” to anyone else? If that situation was not bad enough a Maryland non-profit organization, Woman Veterans Interactive (WVI), that supports female veterans is accusing the star of stealing 12K dollars from them!

Tasha Smith and her "soon-to-be-ex-husband," Keith Douglas
Tasha Smith and her “soon-to-be-ex-husband,” Keith Douglas

Apparently, Mrs. Smith was paid the hefty sum to appear at an event for the organization. There, she would have made an appearance and been a keynote speaker. However, days before the event Tasha canceled and now, weeks later, she still has not returned their money. The CEO of WVI, Ginger Miller, who herself is a disabled veteran has tried to call Tasha and her husband numerous times for a refund but has been met with unanswerd e-mails and phone calls. “I was shocked; I was kind of numb … as military women, and women veterans, we put our life on the line. We have served and sacrificed for this country, and this event was for us, to celebrate…” 


Ginger Miller, CEO of Woman Interactive Veterans
Ginger Miller, CEO of Woman Interactive Veterans

According to a PR representative, Tasha was in breach of contract with the organization, but currently she and her husband’s assets are both frozen while they are in the process of their divorce. Which may indicate Tasha cannot refund the payment. Ginger, however, is not buying it. “This could’ve been detrimental to an organization that I have put my blood, sweat and tears in…“That money has been stolenWas it an intentional steal? I don’t think so. I just think it got caught up in a lot of drama, but is the money stolen? Yes, because it doesn’t belong to you.”


Her actions have deeply hurt and affected the members of WVI. the organization has more than one thousand female veterans since 2011. Losing money of this magnitude could have (and still can) affect their outreach to this honorable community. Whatever mess Tasha has going on right now it would be in her best interest to immediately drop these ladies their money back on top of a sizable donation for any pain and suffering this misdeed might have caused. Tasha has had a mostly pristine career and reputation I would hate to see a dispute of twelve grand do anything to tarnish that.

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