Adidas New Superstar Campaign

What is fame? How would we define the word fame? What makes someone famous?


Adidas brand ambassadors, Rita Ora, David Beckham, Pharrell, and Damian Lillard question the role social media has in the validation of a person. This campaign is for Adidas re-vamp of the shoe Superstar, which was originally launched in 1969. This iconic shoe was the first released as the first low-top basketball shoe. This shoe was extremely popular for the rubber toe protection and the sole.

From there the shoe went from being popular on the basketball court, to the streets. Run-D.M.C was known for wearing Adidas Superstars  without laces and that boosted sales.  In the late 80s, break dancers would wear their Superstars with thick laces that matched the color of the stripes on the side of the shoe.

Below is a video that goes through time and shoes the influence that the Superstar had on history. This video also celebrated the Superstar’s 35th anniversary.

The re-vamp of the Superstar will celebrates Adidas upcoming 45th birthday this year.

Check out the promo video and tell me what you think. What do you believe defines a superstar? Do you think this new campaign will be successful? Comment below!



Sarai Thompson

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