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We Tried The Afro Hair & Skin Co.’s Trio

We Tried The Afro Hair & Skin Co.’s Trio

I love clean beauty so when I came across The Afro Hair & Skin Co. on Instagram, I knew I was going to place an order.

Image by Mahnoor Hussain

The Afro Hair & Skin Co. is an afro beauty and wellness company based in the U.K. Their mission is to provide natural and organic beauty alternatives for afro-textured hair. All of the hair and skin care ingredients are grown, harvested and cold-pressed in England.

Featured in major publications like ESSENCE, Marie Claire, Nylon, and Vogue, The Afro Hair & Skin Co. is the brand to watch.

I purchased the Seasonal Gift Set which included mini sizes of three of their best-sellers: Bloom-Omega Healthy Hair Oil, Flourish- Totally Nourishing Hair Butter, Flow-Perfectly Balanced Facial Oil, and a branded tote.

Image by Mahnoor Hussain


All of The Afro Hair & Skin Co. products are packaged in amber glass bottles. Amber bottles maintain the integrity of the product and protect the ingredients from UV rays. This means that all of your Afro Hair & Skin Co. products will remain fresh until the end of its shelf life.

What Each Product Promises

Bloom:Bloom is an omega-rich hair oil. It uses a blend of natural oils like Camelina Seed Oil and Organic Thistle Oil to stop breakage and add shine. The product is designed to:

  • Seal in moisture
  • Soften and improve hair texture
  • Enrich your natural hair color
  • Penetrate hair though healthy fatty acids to deliver necessary nutrition to hair
  • Can ease symptoms of dandruff

Flourish: This nourishing hair butter claims to heal dry and damaged hair. Flourish absorbs into the hair shaft and can strengthen your hair. Additionally, this product is loaded with amazing benefits including:

  • It’s lightweight
  • Acts as a moisturizer
  • Its key ingredients include Poppy Flower Seed Oil (smooths and conditions) and Crambe Seed Oil (provides shine and moisture)

Flow: Unlike the other two products in the trio, Flow is a product developed for skincare. With the reparative properties of Blackcurrant Seed Oil and the oil-control properties of Ylang Ylang, this product balances your skin. Plus, this balancing facial oil includes Frankincense Oil which is known to smooth, soften, and firm.

Image by Mahnoor Hussain

My Thoughts on the Products

Bloom: This, by far, was my favorite product from the trio. Since transitioning to my natural hair texture, I have noticed that my hair can’t get enough of moisture. I found this hair oil to be lightweight and non-greasy. I experienced long-lasting shine and softness in comparison to other oils that I have tried. My only con for the product is that the spray nozzle was hard to use on my mini bottle. But it was easy to massage into my afro.

Flourish: As a nourishing hair butter, I didn’t love this product. The texture of Flourish is more like a paste than a butter. My hair holds anything so if a product doesn’t melt in my hands, it’s just going to stick in areas and not evenly distribute. I found that it was hard to massage the product seamlessly into my hair.

Flow: I have normal to combination skin. Needless to say, moisturizing my face becomes a tightrope between glow and grease. I found that this facial oil worked best when I used it less. Any more than two days a week, I noticed that my skin became oily. Instead, I love to use this facial oil on Sundays after a great mask. It restores balance to my skin giving it the perfect amount of hydration. Disclaimer: a little of this oil goes a long way so it’s definitely worth your money.

Image by Mahnoor Hussain

The Cost Breakdown

Because the company is based in England, the products are pricier than your typical Shea Moisture or The Mane Choice styling creams and oils. For the seasonal gift set of three to be shipped to The States, it was about $50. The full-size bottles of these products are a little expensive due to overseas shipping. For individual full-size bottles of these products:

  • Bloom (100 ml) is about $30.
  • Flourish (100 g) is about $25.
  • Flow (50 ml) is about $27.

If you spend over $48.64, you receive Free Shipping.

Tip: Be sure to pay extra for tracking information. These products contain natural ingredients that have to arrive through customs. With this in mind, delivery can be delayed and/or take longer than anticipated. I did not pay extra and ended up being in the dark about where my package was and when it would arrive.

Image by Mahnoor Hussain

Where Can You Purchase These Products?

Afro Hair & Skin Co. products can be purchased exclusively on their site here.

Would I Recommend The Afro Hair & Skin Co. Products?

I would definitely re-purchase and try new products from The Afro Hair & Skin Co. My absolute favorite from the trio is Bloom-Omega Healthy Hair Oil. If you are looking for an eco-conscious brand for afro-textured hair, I would recommend this brand.

***In all images The Afro Hair & Skin Co. Products were used.

Are you interested in testing something out from The Afro Hair & Skin Co.? Share your favorite product with us in the comments below.


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