Aillea Comes To Atlanta

Looking to live clean on the inside and out? Give Aillea a try.


Coming to Atlanta is a new kind of beauty courtesy of Kathryn Murray Dickinson. Aillea is a clean luxury skin care boutique hailing from Denver, Colorado. In September, the new brick and mortar location will be available to serve the masses with clean beauty items. Like all great creations, there is a point of origin and Aillea is no different.

KMDThe Beginning

Kathryn Murray Dickinson has always had a career in the world of beauty. After graduating college, she was able to work her way into being a VP for a cosmetic company in New York. One day, she became sick. Dickinson felt the cause was the beauty products. From that point, she was on a mission to locate clean beauty products and came to the conclusion that others in search of clean beauty would need to know of reliable products. Thus, the creation of Aillea.

inside Aillea

In order for certain brands to be in Aillea boutique locations (and online), the items have to meet strict guidelines set by Dickinson herself. Naturally, the items will need to be packaged decently with good smells. Second to that, performance. What would be the point of having something that doesn’t work? However, as important as the previous two requirements go, the most important is the ingredient list. Just like shopping for food in a clean manner, the label and ingredients matter too, when it comes to clean beauty. The EU standard is essential, due to their list of over 1,250 toxic ingredients. The standard for the US has not been changed since the 1930s, per her extensive research.

inside Aillea 2

So, who would be the type of person to walk through the doors of Aillea? Any and every one that loves beauty. This is the best place to start if you are looking to discover new beauty items or “clean” your beauty routine. Some fan favorites are the company Maya Chia and Vintner’s Daughter.

vintners daughterIt’s Coming!

Aillea will be in Atlanta on September 22nd, 2017. Dickinson stated that Atlanta is the perfect place for a store like Aillea since the city is progressive and blossoming in health and wellness. If you can’t make it to the store, shop online for the same great, clean products.

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