Alexandra Dilworth of ‘The New Atlanta’ Dishes On All Things Alex!

Written By:  Aliya Faust

While most of her peers disregard the idea of traditional stay-at-home wife/mom duty, The New Atlanta’s Alexandra Dilworth embraces it with flare. Her feature on the new docu-series, which follows a group of young professionals’ journey to sweet love and a successful career, reveals her aspirations and personality in a unique light she hopes people unexpressed can relate to. The bubbly Atlanta native has her own opinion and she isn’t afraid to share it. Here, she talks briefly about her contributions to the A’s newest generation.

AF: Tell me a little about your work and what you do?

ALEX: Now that I’ve graduated from college, my main focus is getting my clothing company called “Generation E,” a clothing line dedicated to hipsters and people of my generation. It’s a really cool line, it has a lot of alternatives, a lot of dance wear and rave wear. It’s really exciting. And then also, you know, I am out there looking for some love.

Where’d you graduate from?

I just graduated from Georgia State with a major in psychology and a minor in sociology, which is my second degree. I also have my associates in nursing.

In the show you reveal that you want to be a housewife and that your mom is a trophy wife. At one point in time, that was ideal for a traditional southern woman, but your cast mate had different opinions. Can you talk about that?

Emily, and the way that she felt about it, I think it’s just that she’s a hard worker. She has her own business and I think that she looks at me and is like, ‘whoa wait, I don’t get it.’ I think that’s where that came in. A lot of people feel difference about the whole housewife, trophy wife thing, especially when we live in this day where there’s so many opportunities out for independent women. I guess that’s why she felt the need to speak up.




That’s pretty common in affluential cities, but what are some things you like about living in Atlanta?

The thing I like the most is that this is a very international city. There are a lot of people that have come from so many different countries, so many different states. There’s something that we all have in common, and it’s that we’re all dreamers. We’re all here to make a name for ourselves. There’s so many different areas and genres for you to do it. Atlanta’s gotten huge in film, in music, and of course, just in general. It doesn’t matter what you want to do. This is the place. If you need a good start, Atlanta!

It’s big but so small at the same time. Especially the dating scene. So what’s the deal with you and Vawn?

I’m very fond of Vawn. I’ve actually known him for quite some time. He’s a person on the show I’ve known for the longest. And, have you seen him? He is fine.

Did you guys date?

I can’t tell you that, you have to watch the show.

I mean, from the previews, it looked like there was a bit of tension between you and Africa over him.

She seems to be fond of him, too. Whatever, nothing to do with me. Vawn is a sweet person and I love being around him. We’re very close and we’ve always been great friends. And you know, if there’s going to be more, you’re going to see it on the show. I think you’ll be very interested.

What qualities do you feel you bring to the city and new show as a part of the “new generation?”

My apparel line. One thing about my apparel line is that it is a lot dedicated to the EDM team, which means electric dance music. It’s gotten huge overseas and it’s getting big in the United States. But it’s still no one out there really, really promoting it. I’m really trying to open people up to this huge scene that’s out here and then also, the whole trophy wife thing and the traditional role [of a woman]. I am very much vocal about the fact that I would feel accomplished by just being a wife and mother.

The New Atlanta premieres tonight at 10 p.m. EST on Bravo, right after I Dream of Nene: The Wedding. For updates on Alexandra Dilworth and Generation E, visit and follow her on Twitter @DaRealDil.