#KontrolKonversations – Alexis Ayaana Blossoms On The Scene

When one looks at the bud of a flower and observes the tender size of the creature, a twinge of an agonizing sense of protection comes over them, even if just for a split second. One wonders about the potential of that little bud. How will it bloom? Will it know to get enough sunlight and water? Will its aroma be potent enough to? Will its oil be plentiful? These are the same feelings, and are the same questions, one asks themselves when considering the growth and potential of a new life. Alexis Ayaana has been just that since she stepped on Atlanta’s music scene two years ago.



During our chat, Ayaana told us that she doesn’t perform that much, but having done fifty shows within the last year alone, we beg to differ. With her Urban Pop music style and her shining personality, she turns up the crowd at every last one of them. When we talk about the direction of her budding career as a music artist, she expressed her journey to be one of immense growth and far-reaching enthusiasm.

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Alexis Ayaana is sweet with a charm that can brighten any room, and that same positive and empowering light shines through her songs. She sings about the freedom and pride that comes with being an independent young black woman. She brings power to the stage and the party’s never far behind.  When asked motivates her ambition, she said “My family is basically working within the business with me. They’re the ones that sacrifice they’re time, energy, money, and anything else I need. So for me, I think about my career being what’s going to help me and my family, because they’re depending on me.”

She also told us about the progress of her new project, which is yet to be assigned a release date. However, she’s been working with some heavy hitters such as producer Drumma Boy and Kwony Cash, her single “Balenciaga” is currently available on YouTube and Vimeo. She told Kontrol “she’s come a long way since she started doing music seriously two years ago.” She mentioned that when she was younger she’d sung about being young and independent and that her new music was geared more toward matters of the heart and coming into the next step of her life. Just like a flower bud, deeply rooted in the soil of her family’s support, fed by the rays of her own light, and watered by the experiences of each day, Alexis Ayaana is blossoming beautifully on her way to the top!

Though she may be young , she is in full Kontrol of her career and the direction of her life like a full fledged boss. She’s beautiful, exotic and has the heart and the drive of an eagle. She’s been working hard at Marvelous Studios, developing her artistry, traveling from coast to coast, and taking her family along for the ride. She told usthat her main focus right now is getting signed, writing more, studio time, and staying close to her family.

Alexis Ayaana is going places very quickly – and making the statement that she has arrived!

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