All Hail The Queen of Cuts! Cynthia Meadows Can’t Be Stopped!

When it comes to the hair industry, business is booming like never before. From hair weaves and extensions to divine coloring; hair has gone from mere aspect of cosmetology to a true art form! Every now and then one of the stylist of this industry emerges as a celebrity on their own right. Cynthia Meadows is definitely one of them, having emerged to become a celebrity stylist and powerhouse. Through raw talent, refined business sense, and the desire to be the best, Cynthia has managed to become a woman truly in “Kontrol” of her destiny and the limelight.

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Cynthia’s “baby/business,” A’Bliss Studio Salon, began humbly on a vision board incorporating the essence of what she felt a salon should be–tranquil, have exceptional customer service, and an present an upscale environment. A’bliss also prides itself in having a staff that is talented and up to date on the latest trends in hair and beauty. Roughly two years later, Cynthia Meadows’ vision has come to life tenfold!  Meadows, a celebrity hairstylist AND entrepreneur, still manages to run her very successful salon in Jacksonville, Florida, all the while slaying creative and unique manes in hair competitions nationwide and styling different celebrities.

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 Talent and humility are definitely the name of the game when it comes to longevity in the hair and beauty industry. Thankfully Cynthia has both and uses them eloquently to keep her customers and celebrity clientele appeased and coming back for more. “It sort of fell in my lap…” Meadows recalls, as she remembers how she built her celebrity clientele. Cynthia’s reputation spoke for itself by pulling big names via referrals. Some of her clients include singer Teyana Taylor, The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Claudia Jordan, and Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta’s Mimi Faust.

While Cynthia is known for her signature cuts, her career began at the tender of fourteen when she was just braiding, studying DVDs, and practicing countless hours with styles on mannequins. When she is not styling her clientele, you can be sure that her grind does not stop. She is truly either making moves or plotting her next move. Cynthia was surprised when she was called out to participate in a celebrity hair battle. “ I was thinking, these people have heavy credentials and I am considered to be on the same level as them!” Just to put things in perspective, participants included some of the hottest celebrity stylists out including the mastermind behind Nicki Minaj’s amazing hairstyles.

Cynthia Meadows blind fold cut method

 Her latest appearance was on Bronner Brothers Hair Battle this past October, where she performed her blindfolded cutting technique. Yes, the Queen of Cuts is so confident in her skill that she can do it blindfolded—literally! The precision and ability she has while performing this technique is akin to a super power. With this amazing precision she is creating trends of her own, pushing her industry to newer heights and upping the scales of talent. Ms. Meadows just will not be stopped!

Indeed, when Cynthia is utilizing her talent you are watching a true master at work. Cynthia Meadows is definitely one to keep your eye on. If you’re ever take a trip to Jacksonville, Florida, don’t forget to stop by and be blessed with her magical hands and near superhuman skill!


Written By:Victoria Webster

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