All Things Kanye! Designing a Collaborative Collection for IKEA?

What’s up guys got some new Kanye news for you. If you’ve been on social media lately you’ve probably heard of some possible collaborations being talked about regarding the self proclaimed hāso͞os’ of music and Furniture outlet IKEA. Well a recent photo backing the claims were just released via instagram of West spotted touring IKEA‘s Älmhult, Sweden flagship instantly adding fuel to the fire of rumors of possible design collaboration with the ready-to-assemble interior design giant. I mean a collaboration all maCdCCoA1XEAA3jBt.jpg-largekes since especially if you consider the fact that West hired designer and IKEA collaborator Katie Eary back in 2011 for one of his previous projects. Just a little food for thought to back up the claims. Who knows West may be the next big thing in the line of furniture as well; he’s already taken over the music world and fashion business. The furniture business would definitely boom with his pre distressed styled futons, oversized “Nori” ottomans and SAINT couches lol. According to spokespeople for thKanye-West_2730705ae Swedish brand, they could only confirm little beyond the fact that Kanye had indeed paid the design department an “inspiring” visit. West definitely has something up his sleeve, already working on his next album which has yet to be named, as well as declaring his next YEEZUS season a children’s collection, a furniture line with IKEA would definitely be another cool move for the musical genius. Especially for IKEA, teaming up with an uber celebrity like West, lets take H&M for example after collaborating with super fashion designers like Zac Posen and Alexander Wang, sales have sky rocketed for the discount affordable clothing shop. Just saying Ikea it’s already in the air for a collaboration you might want to move on this quickly. Anyways just some more “All Things Kanye” for you guys, be sure to stay tuned and up to date with the latest on this possible collaboration as well as all things fashion and trending you guys. Peace, got to blast! – EffYeahMark

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