Monogamy Season 3! Vanessa Simmons & Blue Kimble Give The Deets!

“AllBlk’s” hit series, “Monogamy” is back for its third season!

Monogamy Season 3! Vanessa Simmons & Blue Kimble Give The Deets!

The series, based on a group of couples trying an experimental therapy in a last ditch effort to save their relationships while healing or succumbing to harrowing temptations. Kontrol grabbed an interview with two of the series stars, Vanessa Simmons and Blue Kimble!

In “Monogamy,” Vanessa plays “Caroline” a trained fighter and woman who is truly in “Kontrol” of her destiny. She is determined to save her marriage to Sawyer, but is not above throwing the towel in when it comes to maintaining her dignity and respect. “She’s definitely fighter and won’t just let anyone do anything to her…we’re similar in how independent we both are and how we know when to take control of situations.”

Monogamy Season 3! Vanessa Simmons & Blue Kimble Give The Deets!

blue kimble
Blue Kimble

Blue’s character, “Sawyer,” is quite the ladies’ man, and whereas he loves Caroline, he may have fathered a child with another woman–also involved in the therapy program.

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Vanessa and Blue expressed their love for “Monogamy” and more importantly for their characters, and an even greater appreciation for their veteran cast mates like Jill Marie Jones (Girlfriends), Darius McCrary (Family Matters),  Wesley Jonathan (City Guys, What I Like About You) and Brian White (Trois, Spider Games, Ambitions); who they actually grew up watching on television themselves. “Its amazing working with them…some of them have been acting for as long as I’ve been alive…sometimes its so surreal…” They also both push just how important it is that African-Americans in general embrace their mental health and be open to therapy of all kinds when it comes to treating it. “Yes, there’s still such a stigma when it comes to it, but we’ve got to realize to take this seriously.”

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