Amber Rose, the music artist and actress?

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Amber Rose is dead set on being known for reasons other than  Kanye West ex, and Wiz Khalifa’s wife.  I’m not mad at her!  It appears the fade rocking goddess had dreams of being a music artist.

She exposed to Vlad TV the reasons behind letting her dreams take a backseat to motherhood:

I feel like I got engaged and I got pregnant and it was like- both of us can’t be doing the music thing. I’m not comfortable with anyone else raising my son besides me or my husband. So I feel like if I was to take the music thing seriously I would be gone a lot and the fact that Sebastian’s so little, he shouldn’t be out travelling, he should be home… I know Beyonce and Jay do it, and God bless ‘em, but I just couldn’t do it.

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Peep the entire video here.

amber rose sebastian

I wonder if she’s a rapper? A singer?  I need some leaks of her music to drop like yesterday.  I’m actually interested in knowing if she could possibly be another Eve.   She divulged that she went to New York by herself, lived in the studio all day and all night  without the  presence of any of her celebrity men.  To her surprise,  seasoned artist like Ne-Yo and Monica requested her services .

Currently, her music isn’t as important because she’s pursuing an acting career.  She’s been taking acting classes and will be showcasing her skills in a “Mean Girls” type role on a sitcom dropping soon.  Life is all about second chances and I’m happy for her!


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