Amber Rose X Reebok’s Get Into It!

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We all know Amber Rose from being besties with Blac Chyna and being the ex wife of Wiz Khalifa. She also has her very own annual Amber Rose Slut Walk which is to bring awareness to slut shaming. Now, Amber has another title under her belt, she’s dropping a pair of sneakers. Here’s what you need to know.

(Picture from Amber Rose)

The original MUVA has released an exclusive shoe with non other than a classic company, Reebok. Amber has created a limited addition Freestyle Hi Reebok Classic Which still shows her focus on women empowerment.

(Picture from Amber Rose)

The design is different, bold, and screams Amber Rose. The shoe will be released in a Merlot (burgundy) color as well as giving you the feel of the 80s fitness classic. The shoe also has a Vibram gun outsole, with rose gold lace tips, and “MUVA FUKA” on the bottom of the shoe laces.

(Picture from Amber Rose)

As I mentioned earlier MUVA still shows her dedication to empowering women. She also featured the women’s gender symbol on the sock liner.

The shoe is priced in retail at $250 and it will be sold at several locations globally. Locations such as Reebook, Shoe Palace, Jimmy Jazz, and DTLR just to name a few. This will be a great shoe to add to your fall sneaker collection, especially for the bold women out there.

(Picture from Amber Rose)

MUVA has been traveling the country to different stores to release her sneakers. Her last stop was in Chicago, IL and you never know where she could be going next. Keep an eye out for the shoe releases in your city.

From the Slut Walk to walking in her own shoes. Rose keeps going with women empowerment with her new sneakers. Are you feeling them enough to buy them? Let us know how you’re feeling Kontrollers!

(Picture from Amber Rose)

Writer: Troy Gaskins

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